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  • Petecof is the best Stock Car's rookie in the last 15 years

    In his first full season in Stock Car Pro Series, Gianluca Petecof has been the name of the moment with 75% of the championship in 2023. After a difficult start, when he did not score points in three of the four races of the first two rounds, in Goiânia and Interlagos, the 20-year-old made an impressive reaction. Considering the results from the fifth weekend of the year, he is the highest scorer, with 169 points out of a possible 280. Pics: José Mário Dias The driver has the best performance of a rookie driver in the biggest Brazilian category since Átila Abreu in 2008. Petecof is in seventh place at the moment and has everything he needs to finish the year in an even better position: he is just six points behind Rafael Suzuki, fourth in the table, and 15 behind Thiago Camilo, third. In relation to leader Gabriel Casagrande, the distance is a little greater: 48 points with three rounds to go. After nine stages of the championship, Petecof has already advanced twice to Q3, the last part of qualifying training, and was nine thousandths away from pole position in Buenos Aires. In racing, he has already achieved three podiums: a second place in the Velocitta and two thirds, one in Velopark and another in Argentina. Rookie performance with 75% of the championship in Stock Car in thsi century: Cacá Bueno – 4º (2002) Átila Abreu – 6º (2008) Gianluca Petecof – 7º (2023) Marcos Gomes – 7º (2007) Daniel Serra – 8º (2007) Rubens Barrichello – 8º (2013) Giuliano Losacco – 10º (2003) Felipe Fraga – 14º (2014) Ricardo Maurício – 16º (2005) Thiago Camilo – 18º (2003)

  • Fraga gets pole in Velocitta after draw with Serra

    An incredible draw marked the dispute for pole position in the tenth stage of the 2023 Stock Car Pro Series season, held at Velocitta, in São Paulo. Felipe Fraga and Daniel Serra recorded exactly the same time: 1min31s089. However, the Blau Motorsport driver and youngest Stock Car champion (2016) got the better of the three-time champion (2017/18/19) for having registered the brand first and, therefore, will start at the front for the third time in the championship . It was also Fraga's 11th pole in the category. Pics: Marcelo Machado de Melo Fraga achieved five podiums this year, including four second places, as in Buenos Aires, where the driver also came from pole position. Now, Felipe has the chance to, once again, seek his long-awaited first victory competing for Rodolpho Mattheis' team. The 2016 champion has already scored two points for pole position this Saturday, thus reaching 204 points in the championship. Serra returns to the front row and repeats the result obtained in the Cascavel classification, when he also started alongside Fraga and won Race 1 in Cascavel. The session also had another tie: Di Mauro and Felipe Massa (former F1 driver) recorded the same time at the end of Q2, but Gaetano advanced to the dispute for pole after having 1min31s989 first. Thus, the former Formula 1 driver will start in seventh, with Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma RC) in eighth. Grid for round 10, in Velocitta: 1. Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze), 1min31s089 2. Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze), 1min31s089 3. Gaetano Di Mauro (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze), 1min31s325 4. Gabriel Casagrande (A.Mattheis Vogel/Chevrolet Cruze), 1min31s524 5. Julio Campos (Lubrax Podium/Chevrolet Cruze), 1min31s555 6. Felipe Baptista (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze), 1min31s580

  • Gabriel Casagrande maintains Stock Car Pro Series leadership

    Gabriel Casagrande (#83) and Matías Rossi (#117) were the protagonists this Sunday which marked the dispute of the ninth round of 2023 season. The A.Mattheis-Vogel driver reinforced his status as championship leader after achieving his third victory of the year (10th in the category). Casagrande took the lead by overtaking pole sitter Felipe Fraga (#88) during the pit-stop window and finished at the front. Pics: Duda Bairros “It was a very cool weekend, from the beginning having a very fast car. It wasn't long before pole, but third place on the grid was very good too. It was a surprise to have won the first race, but I took advantage of my opponents' mistakes, and then, with a good car and good pace, we managed to take first place. Very happy to have achieved a victory in front of the Argentine public. It's really cool to run here, everyone knows us, they ask for photos. The race track is also packed. Thank you very much to everyone's fans. Let’s go with everything, now there are only three [rounds] left”, celebrated Casagrande. The busy Race 2 was full of celebration for the Argentinean driver and for the Argentinean public. Matías Rossi also achieved his third victory this year and his fifth in Stock Car Pro Series. Rossi commanded the race from the start and triumphed with his Toyota Corolla in front of the fans at the Autódromo Oscar y Juan Galvez. Rossi celebrated having experienced a great moment in his career. "Full Time Team gave me a great car and I was able to win in my country. It's an incredible day for my career", Said Rossi. With a second place in the first race and a sixth in the complementary competition, Felipe Fraga was the highest scorer in this round. Fraga registered 43 points. Gabriel Casagrande remains in the championship’s lead now with 248 points, 21 ahead of Rubens Barrichello (#111), in second place. Thiago Camilo (#16) rose from fifth to third and now has 216, against 207 for Rafael Suzuki (#8), who moved up one position and appears in fourth. Ricardo Zonta (#10) stills in top-5, now with 205 points. Results of race 1 (Top10): 1. Gabriel Casagrande (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #83), 23 laps 2. Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #88), a 0s737 3. Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #101), a 3s855 4. Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #16), a 8s314 5. Guilherme Salas (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #85), a 10s039 6. Eduardo Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #91), a 11s116 7. Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #8), a 11s740 8. Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #90), a 13s262 9. Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #111), a 14s353 10. Matías Rossi (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #117), a 14s638 Results of race 2 (Top10): 1. Matías Rossi (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #117), 20 laps 2. Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #111), a 0s792 3. Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #8), a 1s511 4. Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #16), a 2s359 5. Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #101), a 4s079 6. Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #88), a 5s797 7. Felipe Massa (TMG Lubrax/Chevrolet Cruze #19), a 6s523 8. Guilherme Salas (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #85), a 7s137 9. Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #90), a 7s942 10. Ricardo Zonta (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #10), a 8s712 Championship: 1. Gabriel Casagrande (#83): 248 points 2. Rubens Barrichello (#111): 227 3. Thiago Camilo (#16): 216 4. Rafael Suzuki (#8): 207 5. Ricardo Zonta (#10): 205

  • Verstappen equals Prost

    Winner of the Mexican GP, Max Verstappen reached 51 victories in Formula 1. The three-time champion equals the mark of Frenchman Alain Prost. The four-time champion reached this number in the last year of his career (1993), when he was 38. Pics: Formula 1 Max (26 years old) could reach another important mark in 2023. If he wins two of the three races left this season, Verstappen will equal of Sebastian Vettel’s victories. The German driver is currently the third biggest winner in the history of F1, behind only Lewis Hamilton (103) and Michael Schumacher (91).

  • Motors in Mexican GP

    Pic: Formula 1 For the Mexican Grand Prix, each Formula 1 team needs to work on the performance of their engines to avoid loss of power, as the altitude of the race track means 25% less oxygen compared to sea level. Engines need to be cooled and, therefore, each team looks for a way to have more air in the engine. Looking for resources in the fairing harms aerodynamics, but it is an alternative to minimizing power loss. Pics: Julianne Cerasoli

  • Sprint Race confirms all dates for 2024's calendar

    The Sprint Race Nascar Brazil organization announces the dates for the 2024 season. The championship will have eight rounds on different tracks. The Autódromo Orlando Moura track, in Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul), will host for the first time the opening season, on March 17th. Pics: Luciano Santos / SiGCom Another news is the long-term race – called the #100miles –, in the sixth round scheduled for September 1st, at the Autódromo Zilmar Beux, in Cascavel (Paraná). The traditional Night Race (#NightChallenge), one of the biggest competitions on the calendar, will take place for the 13th time in Londrina (Paraná), on Saturday, May 11th. And all competitions will be held in conjunction with the Copa Truck. 2024 calendar: Round 1 – March 17th – Campo Grande Round 2 – April 14th – Goiânia Round 3 – May 11th – Londrina (#nightchallenge) Round 4 – June 16th – no place yet Round 5 – August 04th – Interlagos - São Paulo Round 6 – September 1st – Cascavel (#100miles) Round 7 – Octouber 13th – Rio Grande do Sul Round 8 – November 17th – Goiânia (oval)

  • Cascavel’s track is back on Stock Car

    The 2023 Stock Car Pro Series calendar made a change: one round before the end will be race in Cascavel, Paraná. Pic: Duda Bairros In this date (november 26th), the race was preview to Brasília. But, the speedway still on constructions and Stock Car decided to move that weekend to Cascavel. Stock Car has already went to Cascavel this season. In june, Daniel Serra and Rubens’ son, Dudu Barrichello, were the winners. The end of the new calendar: October 8th - Buenos Aires October 29th – Mogi Guaçu November 26th - Cascavel December 17th – São Paulo (Interlagos)

  • Arthur Gama wins Race 1 of round seven of Sprint Race

    Race 1 of round seven of Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, held in Tarumã, Rio Grande do Sul, was won by Arthur Gama, who was born just a few kilometers from the race track. He won the one round before the end of the season from start to finish, completing the 17 laps of the 3,039 meter in 28min18sec859. Second was Cayan Chianca (PROAM) and third was Léo Torres (PRO). Pics: Luciano Santos (SigCom) Pole in the race, Arthur maintained the lead at the start, but had to endure pressure from Diogo Moscato for a few laps. After the second Safety Car, however, Arthur got a bigger gap, while Moscato started to be threatened by Cayan. It was Arthur's second victory in 2023, the first at his own home. “It’s special to win around family and friends. Now, let’s focus on the second race”, highlighted Gama. Léo Torres, in second, and Lucas Mendes, in third, completed the PRO class podium. PROAM winner, Cayan Chianca had a lot to celebrate. After all, in addition to winning the class, the first of his career, he was second overall. The PROAM podium was formed by the Portuguese Lourenço Beirão, who came second, and Gui Backes, who finished third. Henry Couto was the winner in AM, followed by MC Gui and Brendon Zonta. Race 2, which completes stage 7 of the season, will be held this Sunday (10/15). Results of Race 1 at Tarumã (Top10): 1) #9 Arthur Gama, PRO, 17 laps 2) #4 Cayan Chianca, PROAM, a 0s890 3) #1 Léo Torres/ Júlio Campos, PRO, a 1s268 4) #20 Lourenço Beirão/ Jeff Giassi, PROAM, a 2s794 5) #27 Lucas Mendes/ Rodrigo Sperafico, PRO, a 3s121 6) #28 Gui Backes, PROAM, a 3s497 7) #88 Alex Seid/ Beto Monteiro, PRO, a 5s238 8) #13 Witold Ramasauskas, PROAM, a 5s661 9) #00 Henry Couto, AM, a 6s731 10) #98 Mc Gui, AM, a 7s955

  • Roberval and Giaffone separated by just 8 points in Copa Truck

    The marathon of four races in two days in Copa Truck this weekend in Tarumã (Rio Grande do Sul) defined Roberval Andrade, from Mercedes, and Felipe Giaffone, from Volkswagen, as the only drivers with a chance of winning the 2023 title. Pic: Duda Bairros After having achieved two poles, two victories, four podiums and no less than 70 points this season, Giaffone managed to reduce a difference of 19 points to eight (including the mandatory discards of the two worst results). Both he and Roberval triumphed this Sunday at round 8, with Mercedes' rival losing the lead by one point in the interval between the two races. Roberval Said that "it was a very complicated weekend for us, with set-up problems that lasted almost the entire weekend. If it weren't for the reaction this Sunday, after a very complicated Saturday, the situation could have gotten very complicated. But the important thing is that we are finalists and we will decide in a place where I really like and where I have won the most in my career, which is Interlagos". After theses races, Giaffone remember the season. "We started a year developing a new project and now we are going to focus on this decision in São Paulo. The truck performed so well without the electric kit that, even though we could use it, we preferred to think about the championship. This gave us a great score and we are going to Interlagos with the objective to put pressure on Roberval. Let's do our best and see what happens in the end", comments Giaffone. Pics: Pedro Tesch The Copa Truck’s decision is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of December at the Interlagos Circuit. Championship (top5): 1. Roberval Andrade (#15): 233 points 2. Felipe Giaffone (#4): 225 3. Raphael Abbate (#26): 192 4. Beto Monteiro (#88): 190 5. Paulo Salustiano (#55): 178

  • Stock Car will have 12 rounds in 2024

    The 2023 Stock Car Pro Series season is in the final stretch and Daniel Serra continues searching of his fourth championship. In addition to him, Gabriel Casagrande, Ricardo Zonta, Thiago Camilo and Rubens Barrichello are the main candidates for this year's title. Pic: Marcelo Machado de Melo But before the champion will be defined, Stock released next year's calendar. No track has been defined yet, but there are already dates for the next season, that will mark 45 years of Stock Car. The opening round will be on March 3rd and the last round is scheduled for December 15th. The 2024 dates: Round 1 – March 3rd Round 2 – March 24th Round 3 – April 21st Round 4 – May 19 Round 5 – June 30th Round 6 – July 28th Round 7 – August 18th Round 8 – September 8th Round 9 – October 6th Round 10 – October 27th Round 11 – November 24th Round 12 – December 15th

  • Paul Tracy wins in Nascar Brasil Sprint Race

    Pics: Luciano Santos Nascar Brasil Sprint Race invited Paul Tracy (#26) to compete only this round, at Mogi Guaçu (Velocitta), São Paulo. In qualy, Gui Backes (#43) got the pole position for race 1. Jorge Martelli (#87) started on the first row. On the first lap, Léo Torres (#1) took the lead. Still on this lap, the safety car was activated after Celso Neto (#88), Beto Monteiro's teammate, stopped on the track. Paul Tracy, who started fourth, got one position. At the restart, the Canadian took second place, putting a loto f pressure on Torres for the lead. Rafa Dias (#46), who started 10th, was already in third place with nine minutes to go. With less than eight minutes, Tracy got the lead hitting Léo Torres and send car #1 into the pits. The Canadian driver began to set a sequence of fastest laps and got his first victory in Nascar Brasil Sprint Race. Martelli in second took the victory in PROAM. Seid (PRO) was third. Ended in 8th, MC Gui was the winner in AM. Paul Tracy's last victory was 16 years ago, in Cleveland, in the 2007’s Champ Car season. Result of race 1 at Velocitta, in Mogi Guaçu (Top10): 1) #26 Paul Tracy, PRO, 12 laps 2) #87 Jorge Martelli, PROAM, a 0s649 3) #3 Alex Seid, PRO, a 1s909 4) #54 Diogo Moscato, PRO, a 8s267 5) #13 Witold Ramasausakas, PROAM, a 9s274 6) #43 Gui Backes / Gabriel Casagrande, PROAM, a 9s602 7) #16 Antonio Junqueira, PROAM, a 13s560 8 #98 MC Gui, AM, a 15s022 9) #24 Dorivaldo Gondra Jr / Brendon Zonta, AM, a 15s598 10) #72 Marco Garcia / Lourenço Beirão, PROAM, a 22s316

  • Giaffone and Abbate win round 7 in Copa Truck

    The seventh round of Copa Truck was held in Tarumã, Rio Grande do Sul. Felipe Giaffone won race 1 from start to finish, monitoring the advantage over Beto Monteiro, who came under enormous pressure from André Marques in the final laps. The championship leader, Roberval Andrade, came fourth and, after two races on Saturday (14/10), had the gap to Giaffone in the standings drop from 18 to just six points. Pics: Duda Bairros “I got two pole positions and this shows that the truck is very competitive. This is a very difficult track to overtake. As I have to score points for the championship, I preferred not to risk it in race 2. Let's see if tomorrow (Sunday) we can take another step, then it will be really good!", says Giaffone. In the second race, Raphael Abbate started at the front because he came in eighth place in the previous race. The Mercedes-Benz Challenge and HB20 Cup champion hold off three great drivers: Wellington Cirino, Paulo Salustiano and Beto Monteiro. Starting eighth, Felipe Giaffone finished sixth and saw Roberval Andrade finish in 12th place. Now, Roberval has 201 points and Giaffone has 195. Abbate is third with 189. There is a possibility that the lead will change before the grand final. The finalists will be defined in the eighth stage, which will be race this Sunday (10/15).

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