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  • Balance in 2023 Stock Car Pro Series’ season

    The 2023 Stock Car Pro Series’ season was marked by balance. Of the two brands participating in Stock Car, Chevrolet won 12 races, while Toyota won the other 12. Pic: Bruno Terena Of 30 drivers who competed throughout the season, 24 reached the podium at least once in 24 races in 2023. There were 12 winners this season: Atila Abreu: 2 vitórias (Goiânia e Velopark) Bruno Baptista: 1 (Cascavel) Cesar Ramos: 1 (Goiânia) Daniel Serra: 3 (Goiânia, Cascavel e Velocitta) Eduardo Barrichello: 1 (Cascavel) Felipe Massa: 2 (Cascavel e Interlagos) Gabriel Casagrande: 3 (Interlagos, Velopark e Buenos Aires) Matías Rossi: 3 (Interlagos, Velocitta e Buenos Aires) Ricardo Maurício: 2 (Interlagos e Velocitta) Ricardo Zonta: 3 (Interlagos, Velocitta e Interlagos) Rubens Barrichello: 1 (Tarumã) Thiago Camilo: 2 (Goiânia e Tarumã)

  • Gabriel Casagrande is the 2023 Stock Car champion

    Remember the great performance of Casagrande at Interlagos, on the last round of 2023 season

  • Stock Car goes to Interlagos for round 12 in 2023

    Remember how were races at Interlagos won by former F1 drivers, Ricardo Zonta and Felipe Massa

  • Stock Car goes to Cascavel circuit for round 11 in 2023

    Remember how were races at Cascavel (Paraná) won by Bruno Baptista and Felipe Massa.

  • Stock Car goes to Velocitta circuit for round 10 in 2023

    Remember how were races at Velocitta, at Mogi Guaçu (São Paulo) won by Daniel Serra and Ricardo Maurício

  • Stock Car Pro Series goes to Buenos Aires for round 9 in 2023

    Gabriel Casagrande and Matías Rossi won races in Argentina

  • Stock Car Pro Series goes to Velopark circuit for round 8 in 2023

    Remember how were races at Velopark track won by Gabriel Casagrande and Átila Abreu

  • Stock Car: former F1 driver Zonta wins at Interlagos

    Pic: Victor Eleutério In the last round of Stock Car Pro Series’ 2023 season, the victory was held by Ricardo Zonta (#10, RCM Motorsport Team), his third in this season and his 11th in Stock Car. Julio Campos (#4, TMG Lubrax Team) finished close behind, scoring his first 2023’s podium. Championship leader, Gabriel Casagrande (#83, A.Mattheis/Vogel Team) finished third, further increasing the gap in the championship to vice-leader Daniel Serra (#29, Eurofarma RC Team), who was fifth. To be champion, Serra needs to win race 2 and hope that Casagrande scores zero point. Results os race 1: 1. Ricardo Zonta (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #10), 19 laps on 33min04s890 2. Julio Campos (TMG Lubrax/Chevrolet Cruze #4), 2s370 3. Gabriel Casagrande (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #83), 3s636 4. Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #8), 4s041 5. Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #29), 8s520 6. Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #16), 16s746 7. Bruno Baptista (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #44), 18s806 8. Felipe Baptista (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #121), 21s280 9. Cesar Ramos (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #30), 22s172 10. Átila Abreu (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #51), 23s515 11. Enzo Elias (Crown Racing/Toyota Corolla #28), 26s168 12. Lucas Foresti (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #12), 31s086 13. Sergio ramalho (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze #37), 32s869 14. Felipe Massa (TMG Lubrax/Chevrolet Cruze #19), 36s394 15. Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #90), 40s875 16. Lucas Khol (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze #95), 42s549 17. Eduardo Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #91), 43s598 18. Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #111), 44s387 19. Allam Khodair (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #18), 46s882 20. Rodrigo Baptista (KTF Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #3), 53s820 21. Cacá Bueno (KTF Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #0), 57s917 22. Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #101), 58s665 23. Guilherme Salas (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #85), 1min09s538 24. Matías Rossi (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #117), 1min19s503 25. Denis Navarro (Cavaleiro Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #5), 1min43s084 26. Tony Kanaan (Full Time Bassani/Toyota Corolla #6), 1 lap 27. Nelson Piquet Jr. (Crown Racing/Toyota Corolla #33), 2 laps 28. Sergio Jimenez (Scuderia Chiarelli/Chevrolet Cruze #73), 5 laps DNF: Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #88) Felipe Lapenna (Scuderia Chiarelli/Chevrolet Cruze #110) Marcos Gomes (Cavaleiro Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #80)

  • Gabriel Casagrande is double champion of Stock Car

    Gabriel Casagrande (#83, A.Mattheis/Vogel Team) won his second title in the Stock Car Pro Series this Sunday (17/12), in Interlagos, São Paulo. For the second time in three seasons (2021/23), the driver combined great performance and great consistency to win the title. In the team of Mauro Vogel and Andreas Mattheis, the 28-year-old driver now equals the number of titles held by Giuliano Losacco (2004/05) and Rubens Barrichello (2014/22). Pic: Duda Bairros The last round of the championship for Casagrande was marked by a very intense dispute with Rafael Suzuki (#8, Pole Motorsport Team) on the last lap of race 1. Gabriel finish third, while his main rival this year, Daniel Serra (#29, Eurofarma RC Team), was fifth. In the second race, he was extremely conservative and finish 21st, while Serra was far from the result needed to be champion — Daniel had to win the race 2 — and finished 12th. “I have to thank God for the gift of life and for giving me the opportunity and the ability to be here once again doing this. I love my family, who always supports me when I'm angry at home without racing... I thank my sponsors, who make this happen, to everyone who is cheering at home. All energy is very welcome. We are two-time champions and we are going for more”, said Casagrande. Pics: Victor Eleutério (L and C) and Magnus Torquato (R) Casagrande's 2023 title was built by three victories, two poles, seven podiums, two fastest laps and 14 appearances in the top ten group. Gabriel scored 308 points, while runner-up Daniel Serra finished the season with 296. Pic: Duda Bairros Having a runner-up like Daniel Serra, one of the most complete drivers in Brazil, ends up valuing Casagrande's achievement even more. Three-time champion Serra said “Me and Eurofarma RC Team have been together for seven years: seven years fighting for the championship. We were runner-up three times, champion three times and third place once. We didn't lose the title today, but during the season. There came a time when we thought we wouldn't even fight for the title anymore, so, for that reason, we have to celebrate this runner-up,” said the 39-year-old driver. And even though Serra postponed his dream of another championship in 2024, Eurofarma RC Team had many reasons to celebrate. The team led by Rosinei Campos won the Team’s title for the 12th time. The Eurofarma RC Team gest 497 points added by the three-time champion duo Serra and Ricardo Maurício. Ipiranga A.Mattheis Racing, led by Andreas Mattheis and represented on the track by Thiago Camilo and César Ramos, was runner-up, with 470. Drivers’s championship (Top10): 1. Gabriel Casagrande (#83): 308 points 2. Daniel Serra (#29): 296 3. Ricardo Zonta (#10): 280 4. Thiago Camilo (#16): 280 5. Felipe Fraga (#88): 265 6. Rafael Suzuki (#8): 263 7. Rubens Barrichello (#111): 260 8. Ricardo Maurício (#90): 231 9. Felipe Baptista (#121): 229 10. Felipe Massa (#19): 224 Team’s championship (Top10): 1. Eurofarma RC: 497 points 2. Ipiranga A.Mattheis Racing: 470 3. RCM Motorsport: 459 4. A.Mattheis/Vogel: 458 5. Pole Motorsport: 427 6. KTF Racing: 407 7. Lubrax Team: 400 8. Blau Motorsport: 387 9. Full Time Sports: 379 10. Mobil Ale Full Time: 367 All Stock Car champions: 1979: Paulo Gomes 1980: Ingo Hoffmann 1981: Afonso Giaffone 1982: Alencar Jr 1983: Paulo Gomes 1984: Paulo Gomes 1985: Ingo Hoffmann 1986: Marcos Gracia 1987: Zeca Giaffone 1988: Fábio Sotto Mayor 1989: Ingo Hoffmann 1990: Ingo Hoffmann 1991: Ingo Hoffmann / Ângelo Giombelli 1992: Ingo Hoffmann / Ângelo Giombelli 1993: Ingo Hoffmann / Ângelo Giombelli 1994: Ingo Hoffmann 1995: Paulo Gomes 1996: Ingo Hoffmann 1997: Ingo Hoffmann 1998: Ingo Hoffmann 1999: Chico Serra 2000: Chico Serra 2001: Chico Serra 2002: Ingo Hoffmann 2003: David Muffato 2004: Giuliano Losacco 2005: Giuliano Losacco 2006: Cacá Bueno 2007: Cacá Bueno 2008: Ricardo Maurício 2009: Cacá Bueno 2010: Max Wilson 2011: Cacá Bueno 2012: Cacá Bueno 2013: Ricardo Maurício 2014: Rubens Barrichello 2015: Marcos Gomes 2016: Felipe Fraga 2017: Daniel Serra 2018: Daniel Serra 2019: Daniel Serra 2020: Ricardo Maurício 2021: Gabriel Casagrande 2022: Rubens Barrichello 2023: Gabriel Casagrande

  • Indy 500 winner says goodbye to Stock Car

    Tony Kanaan intends to return to compete in Brazil soon. Pic: Marcelo Machado de Melo End of the 2023 Stock Car Pro Series season and Tony Kanaan – winner of Indy 500 in 2013 and IndyCar champ in 2004 – celebrated his career with Texaco Racing. The driver will not be on the Stock Car grid next year. “I thank Texaco and Full Time for these three years. I made the decision that was best. It's not goodbye; It's a “see you soon”. In 2024, I will focus on working with McLaren,” said Tony Kanaan. “I spent three very good years here at Stock Car. It's been 20 years without racing in Brazil, in front of my fans. My story here isn’t over yet”, added the driver. Pic: Duda Bairros

  • Copa Truck: Felipe Giaffone is the 2023 champion

    The last round of the 2023 Copa Truck season, held in Interlagos, São Paulo, was very exciting. Two pilots: Giaffone and Roberval; and a dream: the championship title. Pic: Duda Bairros Felipe Giaffone (Volkswagen #4) directly faced his rival, Roberval Andrade (Mercedes #15), in both races. In first race, right at the start, Roberval tried to pass between Felipe and the wall. The crash was not good for both. Pic: Vanderley Soares But, at the end of race 1, Giaffone won and Roberval was eighth, ensuring the pole for the second race. Giaffone would start in eighth on the grid because of the inverted grid rule. In race 2, the math for the title was very simple: whoever finished in front would be the champion. Roberval maintained the lead at the start. During the race, Giaffone overtook others trucks, as did his teammate, Beto Monteiro (Volkswagen #88). With three laps remaining, Beto passed Roberval. On the next lap, on the Senna's "S", Felipe shared the corner with Roberval, who cut the corner and maintained second position. Roberval took the checkered flag behind Beto Monteiro and ahead of Felipe. With this result on the track, he would be the champion. But the stewards, almost two hours after the end of the race, announced a five-second penalty for Roberval and he dropped to fifth place. With this penalty for Roberval, Felipe Giaffone won the Copa Truck title with a seven-point advantage over him. Giaffone, which won the first title in the history of the Copa Truck, in 2017, reaches its second championship in this category. The driver already has four other titles (2007/09/11/16) in the other truck category, called Formula Truck. After the 2023 Copa Truck title, Felipe thanked his team and teammates on the track. "Without them, I wouldn't have been champion. Without them, it would have been very difficult. And being champion with an innovative electric hybrid truck project in the same year that my two children were just made this achievement even more special", commented Felipe. Pic: Duda Bairros The Giaffone family ends the 2023 season with titles. In addition to Felipe, his son Nic was USF Juniors champion in his first season in US Motorsport and his other son Tito was champion of the Copa São Paulo de Kart Granja Viana in the Rotax Max class. "In 2010, the same situation happened and I took the title. This year, it was his turn. We don't always win, but I'm going to use this to improve and come back even stronger", adds Roberval. In the Super class, the title went to Thiago Rizzo (#17), who closed the gap he had in relation to Felipe Tozzo (#57), who didn't score a point on the weekend at Interlagos. Evandro Camargo (#69) was runner-up, 16 points behind Rizzo. Bia Figueiredo (#111) finished the season with the same score as Camargo, but came in third for having fewer wins. Pic: Vanderley Soares Copa Truck Pro Championship: 1. Felipe Giaffone (#4): 263 points 2. Roberval Andrade (#15): 256 3. Beto Monteiro (#88): 226 4. Raphael Abbate (#26): 211 5. Paulo Salustiano (#55): 209

  • Stock Car's champion will be defined on Sunday

    The last and decisive round of an exciting 2023 season os Stock Car Pro Series will be this weekend at Interlagos, in São Paulo. Seven drivers are competing for the title this year. But only one of them has a chance to guarantee the title on first race of the weenend: Gabriel Casagrande. Pic: Duda Bairros A 28-year-old driver, Casagrande (A.Mattheis Vogel Team) reaches the championship decision with 286 points. It is 16 points ahead of his closest competitor, 39-year-old and three-time champion Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC Team). The other candidates for the title have mathematical possibilities of winning: Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport Team), 33 points behind Casagrande; Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing Team), 36 behind the leader; Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport Team), with a 43 behind; Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale Full Time Team), 47 behind the leader; and Ricardo Zonta (RCM Motorsport Team), 49th back the lead. Each round of the Stock Car Pro Series distributes 56 points maximum: 30 for victory in race 1 and 24 for the victory in the race 2; the driver on pole position gets 2 points. To guarantee his second title on race 1, Casagrande needs to open nine more points at the end of race 1. In this situation, the difference will increase to 25 points and nobady can get him no longer. Championship: 1. Gabriel Casagrande (#83): 286 points 2. Daniel Serra (#29): 271 3. Felipe Fraga (#88): 253 4. Thiago Camilo (#16): 250 5. Rafael Suzuki (#8): 243 6. Rubens Barrichello (#111): 239 7. Ricardo Zonta (#10): 237

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