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  • Arthur Leist will compete in Stock Car 2024 season

    Arthur Leist has agreed with Full Time Sports Team to compete in Stock Car Pro Series 2024 season. The young driver has only one race in this category, when he replaced Tony Kanaan in last year's Tarumã round. With 19 years-old, Leist is ready to debut in Stock season. And who says this is the head of the Full Time Sports Team. “Arthur is a driver who is ready to do his first full season in Stock Car. We know the difficulties of a rookie year, but our team will give him all the support he needs. It was like that with the growth of Dudu (Barrichello) and Gianluca (Petecof)”, says Maurício Ferreira. Arthur started in karting. He competed two seasons in American F4 (2018 and 2019) achieving podiums and victories. In 2020, he start thinking about one day moving into Stock Car. Leist showed good performance in his last three seasons in the Stock Light. In 2022, he finished in third place. The new season will start on March 2nd and 3rd, in Goiânia.

  • New round in Copa Truck’s 2024 season

    The Copa Truck once again will have nine rounds. The Curvelo track will once again host the category and, thus, the 2024 season will have 9 stages. Pic: Duda Bairros Curvelo takes the place of the second race in Goiânia, in November. Thus, a new date was opened in December for Goiânia. With the entry of Curvelo, the 2024 Copa Truck season sees the return of two tracks: Campo Grande, where the championship will open, and Curvelo. 2024 Calendar: Round 1 - March 17th – Campo Grande Round 2 - April 14th – Goiânia Round 3 - May 12th – Londrina Round 4 - June 16th – Santa Cruz do Sul Round 5 - August 4th – Interlagos Round 6 - September 1st – Cascavel Round 7 - October 13th – Rio Grande do Sul Round 8 - November 17th – Curvelo Round 9 - December 8th – Goiânia

  • Julio Campos will be a Pole Motorsport driver

    The youngest team in the Stock Car Pro Series agreed with one of the most experienced drivers on the grid: Julio Campos and the Chevrolet Cruze #4 leave TMG Team and take Rafael Suzuki's place. The driver of the car #8 took the opposite route, leaving Pole Team and settling with TMG, as was published here in Curva da Vitória. Joselmo Barcik, known as Polenta, will work for the first time with Julio, who has been in the Stock Car Pro Series since 2010. In these seasons, Campos has accumulated five victories. Pole Motorsport, which has competed in Stock since 2021, competed for the 2023 title with Rafael Suzuki. The 2024 Stock season starts on March 3rd, in Goiânia.

  • Giaffone analyzes Prometeon, new tire supplier for Copa Truck

    Copa Truck’s current champion, Felipe Giaffone liked Prometeon's return to the category. With these compounds, Felipe won his first title in Copa Truck, in 2017. Pic: Vanderley Soares / RF1 Regarding this return, Giaffone recalled that the tires will continue to be practically the same as those used by truck drivers on Brazilian roads. “Being able to count on a brand that specializes in the subject only makes Copa Truck bigger”, said the driver who, in addition to his two-time Copa Truck championship, has four other titles in Formula Truck. Felipe also recalled that he will continue developing the hybrid truck, which took to the track last year and got a victory. “I'm very excited about the season that's about to start. I want to continue developing the hybrid truck and, at the same time, seek the tri in the Truck Cup,” he said. The 2024 Copa Truck season starts on March 17, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.

  • Three just seven times

    The 2023 Formula 1 season made history. Teams and drivers are focused next mounth on launch of all models that will be on the grid in 2024. In addition to Max Verstappen's world championship and the records that the Dutchman achieved last year, there is a curiosity surrounding last year's Formula 1 season. Last year, only three drivers won in 2023 season, which had 22 Grand Prix: Max Verstappen (19 wins) and Sérgio Pérez (2 wins), from Red Bull, and Carlos Sainz (1 win), from Ferrari. Pic: Formula 1 But the shortage of winning drivers didn't happen just last year. In F1’s history, which is heading into its 75th season in 2024, only on six occasions three drivers got the victory during the year. On 2015 season (with 19 GP), Lewis Hamilton, who won his third world championship that year, won 10 races with Mercedes, while Nico Rosberg, runner-up, had 6 victories for the same team. In 2015, Sebastian Vettel, who was making his debut at Ferrari, took 3 victories. A year earlier, in 2014, and with 19 races on the calendar, Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton took the world title after winning 11 races. Lewis' teammate and runner-up in 2015, Nico Rosberg won 5, while Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo won 3 GPs. In the last century, this statistic can be found on four occasions. In 1988, Ayrton Senna debuted at McLaren and became world champion after winning 8 of 16 races. Senna's teammate, Alain Prost was runner-up with 7 victories. It was up to Gerhard Berger, from Ferrari, to win the only race that McLaren didn’t complete all laps. In 1963, Jim Clark and Lotus destroyed their rivals. The Scot reached his first world title with 7 victories out of 10 races that season. BRM's Graham Hill (2 wins) and Ferrari's John Surtees (1 win) were the other winners that year. In 1950s, there were two more cases: in 1952 season, which had 8 races, Alberto Ascari and Ferrari achieved their first drivers' title in F1. The Italian achieved 6 victories, while Piero Taruffi (Ferrari) and Troy Ruttman (Kuzma, in the Indianapolis 500) each had 1 victory. Already in the debut season of Formula 1, two Alfa Romeo’s drivers dominated. Juan Manuel Fangio won 3 Grand Prix and was runner-up, while Giuseppe Farina, 1950 world champion, won others 3 GPs. Johnnie Parsons had 1 victory (Kurtis Kraft, in the Indianapolis 500). Of the 7 seasons highlighted here, only in 1988, 2014 and 2015 the three winners drivers did the top three in the final classification. In 1950, 1952, 1963 and 2023, the third-placed driver in the championship didn’t win in the respective years.

  • Felipe Baptista is now a Texaco driver

    Young driver Felipe Baptista changed teams and will be at Crown Racing with the support of Texaco. At just 20 years old, the driver will be making his third season in the Stock Car Pro Series. The combination of young talent, strong sponsor and champion team could have great results on the track this season. “Being able to represent Texaco Racing for me is extremely gratifying. A giant and recognized brand, which has been in Stock Car for years. I am very proud and honored by this partnership. I know the great importance of this step”, said Baptista. The Crown Racing Team continues to be led by William Lube, who won the Stock Car titles in 2015, with Marcos Gomes, and 2016, with Felipe Fraga. Texaco, which in recent years has stamped his colors on Tony Kanaan's car – who recently announced that he will not be on the grid –, is betting on the young driver to win again. “Texaco has a winning history in the category and motorsport is truly in the brand’s DNA. To continue our trajectory, presence and tradition in the category, in 2024 we decided to seek new directions, with a new driver and team. This new journey bringing the young and promising driver Felipe Baptista and be in a team led by William Lube is a combination that we really believe in”, comments Paulo Gomes, Marketing Director at Texaco. The 2024 Stock Car season starts on April 3rd, in Goiânia. There will be 12 stages in 2024, including Argentina and Uruguay.

  • Spanish GP will move to Madrid

    Madrid’s contract with Formula 1 means that Barcelona will not receive the Spanish GP after 2026. This deal was annouced this Tuesday (23/01). The F1 race at Barcelona-Catalunya is in calendar since 1991. But, this announcement does not means that F1 will never goes to Barcelona. The authorities continue discussions about the future. A second spanish race is possible. Pics: Formula 1 The new circuit will have 5.47 km featuring street and non-street sections. It will be built around the IFEMA Convention Centre, located on the north-east of the Madrid. It will have probably 20 corners with a predicted lap time of 1m32s4. The capacity of this future race will be around 110.000 suportters with a big chance to increase to 140.000. The 10-year deal continues the trend for long-term race contracts. Madrid will join Australia (up to 2035) and Bahrain (2036) among those that extend furthest into the F1 future. This will not be the first time that the city will receive F1. Madrid  previously hosted races at the Jarama circuit on nine occasions between 1968 and 1981.

  • Caio Collet signs Nissan FE

    Brazilian driver, Caio Collet was announced by Nissan as Formula E reserve and simulator driver for this 2024 season. There is a great chance to see him in action during the FE’s rookie tests. Pic: DPPI/ Nissan Formula E Team The 21-year-old started his carreer in Formula 4. Collet won the French Formula 4 in 2018. Caio drove the next two years in Formula Renault Eurocup, with Five wins and the championship runner-up spot in 2020. At the same year, he won in Toyota Racing Series. In 2021 with Alpine (Renault), Caio moved to Formula 3. In three years, he won two races with MP Motorsport Team and one with Van Amersfoort Team. Caio Collet is no longer Alpine Academy’s driver.

  • Nelson Piquet Jr in new team in 2024

    Nelson Piquet Jr begins his 6th season in the Stock Car Pro Series in a new team. The first Formula E world champion will drive car #33 for Cavaleiro Sports in the 2024 season. The team is based in Guarulhos, São Paulo, and headed by former driver Beto Cavaleiro. Pic: Bruno Terena “Coming to Beto Cavaleiro's team was a combination of several factors. He always showed a lot of potential and came with a very good commercial and technical proposal. I am always open to exploring new projects and Beto is always willing to receive new ideas. It won't be an easy year, but I'm sure it will be an interesting year in which we will count on everyone to develop the car. We know that the car changes next year, so we will work to develop the car for the 2024 season and develop the team for the 2025 work in which everyone will receive the new car”, told Nelson. Piquet Jr has won two victories in the last two years. The team led by Beto Cavaleiro seeks to renew the structure and Piquet Jr is his first step. The 2024 season will be important to develop the car in the fight for victories and structure the team for the arrival of the new Stock Car in 2025.

  • Suzuki and TMG joining forces

    After reaching the last stage of 2023 Stock Car Pro Series with a chance to be champion, Rafael Suzuki finished sixth and now wants to be champion. And his first move is leaving Pole Motorsport Team. The driver of car number 8 signs an agreement with TMG, led by engineer Thiago Meneghel. With two career victories in Stock Car Pro Series, Rafael Suzuki reached the podium four times last season: Interlagos, Cascavel, Goiânia and Buenos Aires. Pic: Ricardo Saibro “I had a very good season in 2023 and my motivation is high. Each year of my career in Stock Car we have advanced in the final standings of the championship and the goal now is to be champion. I thank Pole Motorsport Team’s professionals I worked with in 2023 for helping me to be competitive all year long,” said Suzuki. TMG also had a good 2023 season in Stock Car. It was one of the teams with the most highlights in the final part of 2023: the team got two victories with Felipe Massa. In this silly season, it was up to Julio Campos, who turns 42 this Monday. The driver who collects poles and victories in Stock Car will need to find a cockpit to compete in the 2024 season. Stock Car will be held again on March 3rd, in Goiânia. The 2024 season will take place for the first time in Belo Horizonte and Pinar, Uruguay. There is still the expectation that the Brasília racetrack will host Stock Cars again this year.

  • Very good business

    Half of Formula 1's profits are distributed to the teams. Before Liberty arrived, the amount was smaller. It's like this: the champion of constructor’s championship wins more and the worst placed wins less. The value decreases depending on the position in the constructors' championship. In addition, there are rights to be conquered. The third-placed team in this championship, which was Ferrari, has more time in the wind tunnel than runner-up Mercedes. Pic: Formula 1 But before the payments are made, there is bonus payment. Ferrari, for example, earns an extra US$ 50 million per year due to the fact that it is the oldest team on the grid. There are also other bonuses, such as prizes for teams that placed well in recent years and etc. Going foward on bonuses, the amount that remains to be distributed is around US$ 1 billion. The new version of the Concorde Pact, the contract that governs commercial relations in Formula 1, stipulates that the champion keeps 14% of the amount; the old deal was 20%. In addition to any bonuses, Red Bull will pocket US$ 140 million. Mercedes gets US$ 130 million. Ferrari, with US$ 122 million, 9 million dollars more than McLaren. Turning on the calculator, comes to the conclusion that each point won by Red Bull during this season was worth US$ 163.000,00. Another interesting fact is the top budget, which is currently US$ 135 million. In other words, in case of the major F1 teams, the award covers the entire operation and the registration fee for the F1 World Championship. And it still makes a profit. It's a great deal. Maybe that's why everyone is against Andretti's entry into F1.

  • F1 Runner-up on Stock Car's podium

    This Sunday's second race (17/12) of the Stock Car Pro Series in Interlagos was quite eventful due to many accidents. But it was an accident suffered by Sergio Ramalho (#37, Hot Car Competições Team) in the final laps that defined the result of the race. The safety car was good for Felipe Massa (#19, TMG Lubrax Team), who made his mandatory pit stop shortly before the yellow flag was raised. The 2008 F1 Runner-up won at Interlagos after 15 years. It was his second victory in Stock Car. 2015’s champion, Marcos Gomes (#80, Cavaleiro Sports Team) finished second. Also former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello (#111, Mobil Ale Full Time Team) finished third. Casagrande (#83, A.Mattheis/Vogel Team) didn't even need to score points to celebrate his second Stock Car title. The driver finished 21st and the only one who could take the title from him, Daniel Serra (#29, Eurofarma RC Team), finished 12th. On the day of Gabriel Casagrande's second championship, the victory went to Felipe Massa, with Rubens Barrichello on the podium. Pic: Victor Eleutério Results os race 2: 1. Felipe Massa (TMG Lubrax/Chevrolet Cruze #19), 17 laps on 32min03s043 2. Marcos Gomes (Cavaleiro Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #80), 0s491 3. Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #111), 1s524 4. Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #90), 2s267 5. Bruno Baptista (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #44), 3s613 6. Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #16), 5s935 7. Átila Abreu (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #51), 6s335 8. Nelson Piquet Jr. (Crown Racing/Toyota Corolla #33), 7s070 9. Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #88), 7s578 10. Ricardo Zonta (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #10), 7s948 11. Matías Rossi (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #117), 12s193 12. Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #29), 12s840 13. Felipe Baptista (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #121), 15s285 14. Cesar Ramos (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #30), 15s443 15. Denis Navarro (Cavaleiro Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #5), 16s998 16. Rodrigo Baptista (KTF Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #3), 18s091 17. Felipe Lapenna (Scuderia Chiarelli/Chevrolet Cruze #110), 18s710 18. Enzo Elias (Crown Racing/Toyota Corolla #28), 19s815 19. Julio Campos (TMG Lubrax/Chevrolet Cruze #4), 20s283 20. Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #8), 22s322 21. Gabriel Casagrande (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #83), 22s778 22. Lucas Khol (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze #95), 23s889 23. Allam Khodair (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #18), 26s312 24. Sergio Ramalho (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze #37), 5 laps DNF: Cacá Bueno (KTF Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #0) Sergio Jimenez (Scuderia Chiarelli/Chevrolet Cruze #73) Tony Kanaan (Full Time Bassani/Toyota Corolla #6) Lucas Foresti (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #12) Guilherme Salas (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #85) Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #101) Eduardo Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #91) Pic: Rafa Catelan (RF1)

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