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  • Allam Khodair's 300

    Stock Car Pro Series’ driver will get a new brand at São Paulo One of the most experience drivers in Stock Car Pro Series’ grid is very close to get an importante brand. In Interlagos, Allam Khodair will drive his 300 Stock Car race. The Flying Jap started his first Stock Car race in 2005. Four years later, Khodair got his first victory. He won in Brasília, in 2009. In 2012, Allam won a historical race: the last Stock Car Pro Series’ race in Jacarepaguá circuit, at Rio de Janeiro; the same track that received Formula 1 races on 80’s. Two years later, Khodair won his first race on street’s circuit. Allam gets the victory at Salvador. During the Covid’s Pandemic, he made probably his best race ever: at Goiânia, he started on last row, made a lot of overtakes and won the race. On next weekend, in Interlagos, Allam Khodair will turn 300 races. He is only behind three drivers: Cacá Bueno (334 races in Stock Car), Ingo Hoffmann (332) and Thiago Camilo (324).

  • Interchange between Sprint and Nascar

    Brazilians drive Nascar’s cars in a program to develop young talents With a new name, the Brazilian well-known Sprint Race, which is now called Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, organized a period of test at the New Smyrna track, at Daytona, Florida, United States. The goal was to put young Brazilian drivers in contact with one of the most important races in the world: Daytona 500. Jimmy Kitchens, head of the Bem Kennedy Racing Team, responsible for leading the test with the young drivers, was surprised with the technical quality of the professionals who went on track. “It was incredible. Nobody made a mistake, even though they are drivers with different characteristics. They have the potential to compete in any championship here in US”, he said. Thiago Marques, CEO of the Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, said he was thrilled with the tests. “The exchange with the Americans and the hypothesis of Brazilian drivers may caught the top makes me very excited for the future”, he said. In this video, Thiago Marques talks with Jason Simmons, Nascar's coordenator:

  • Danilo Dirani moves to a factory team in Copa Truck

    Driver agrees with Iveco Usual Racing for the 2023 season With nine wins and 19 podiums, Danilo Dirani joins the current runner-up-champion team of Copa Truck with one goal: to compete for the title. The 39-year-old driver was South-American Formula 3 champion in 2003, third in European Formula 3 in 2004, runner-up South-American in Formula Truck in 2011 and third in Copa Truck in 2020. With this curriculum that Dirani dreams on fighting for the 2023 title. “I'm excited to work, I know the people on the team and I've already seen them working in other opportunities. I haven't driven around a factory team in a while, since Ford's old time with Djalma Fogaça. We’re going to do our best”, said Dirani.

  • Stock Car Pro Series went to Goiânia for round 1 in 2023

    Remember how were races at Goiânia won by Daniel Serra and Thiago Camilo

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