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  • Hard time for Hammer

    This is Lewis Hamilton's worst F1 season in terms of performance. In 2009, he had half the points he has today, but it's worth remembering that the scoring system was different (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1). Pic: Formula 1 If we apply the current system (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1) in 2009, with the distribution of half points in the Malaysian GP, as it was that season, he would have 11 points . Lewis Hamilton after 3 GPs in F1: 2007 – 22 points 2008 – 14 points 2009 – 04 points (dsq – P7* – P6) * half points 2010 – 31 points 2011 – 47 points 2012 – 45 points 2013 – 40 points 2014 – 50 points 2015 – 68 points 2016 – 39 points 2017 – 61 points 2018 – 45 points 2019 – 68 points 2020 – 63 points 2021 – 69 points 2022 – 28 points 2023 – 38 points 2024 – 08 points (P7 – P9 – ab)

  • Pit stop

    CURVA DA VITÓRIA website will undergo maintenance and will be back. See you soon!

  • Stock Car opens 2024 season with radical change

    The 2024 Stock Car Pro Series season starts this weekend (02 and 03/03) at the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia (GO), and brings great news to the public and drivers alike. In addition to the renewed format, which will now consist of a Sprint race — 30 minutes long — on Saturdays and the main race of the stage, lasting 50 minutes, on Sundays, an important and radical change tends to make the disputes even fiercer between the main names from national motorsport, with the potential to set a record number of overtakes. The particular race regulations for the first round of the championship provide that each driver will have no less than 44 push-to-pass activations, the overtaking button activated electronically by the steering wheel, which offers extra power and generates approximately 100 hp during its activation period. , which for this weekend's stage will be eight seconds. The amount of push covers both races, and it is up to the driver to decide when and where to push in each of them. For rookie drivers, another new feature: in addition to the planned 44 uses of the overtaking button, rookies Arthur Leist, Gabriel Robe and Zezinho Muggiati will have four extra push-to-passes. The rule for push-to-pass in 2024 differs greatly from last year. By way of comparison, in the first stage of last season, which was also held on the 3,835 meter mixed circuit of the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, each driver had 12 drives available to use in the sum of the two races of the round. In this format, the duration of extra power each time the overdrive button was activated was 21 seconds. According to the old dynamics, the drivers activated the push-to-pass only in the highest speed sections, such as the pit straight, to make the most of the extra power. With the change in regulations for the new season, competitors will be able to frequently use the overtaking button at other points on the track, thus opening up an even greater range of strategy in terms of battles for position, providing greater possibilities for attack and defense with the shortest push duration. As for Fan Push, the winners of the vote promoted among the Stock Car public will have four extra presses of the overtaking button, which can be activated in the main race of the weekend, this Sunday, at noon.

  • The end of an era

    The year 2020 will forever be marked in the history of Brazilian motorsport as the season in which the Stock Car Pro Series presented a new project that, in the following months, would radicalize the already famous rivalry between the teams in the category. The JL-G09B model was created in a few months through joint work between Vicar, the competition's promoter, and the engineering departments of the participating teams. During the process, the world was heavily impacted by the Covid epidemic, a tragedy that would also have strong effects on the sports and events segment. Even so, Stock Car continued with the objective of putting a new car on the track that had lines closer to the models found in stores by the consumer, generating even more identification between the fan and the competition cars. The central point was the use of the unibody of the Chevrolet Cruze model and the newly arrived Toyota Corolla, which would make its debut in Stock Car precisely that season. Using the structure of its predecessor as an initial basis, the new project's main challenges were equalization between the Cruze and Corolla models. The crucial points were mainly in aerodynamic matching and weight distribution, as well as adaptive details of specific components. After equalization tests kept confidential on routes such as Velocitta, Tarumã and Cascavel, the new models were approved. But the definitive test was missing: the confrontation in competition. The debut took place on July 26, 2020, at the Goiânia track, with the historic victory of the Toyota Corolla driven by Ricardo Zonta. Over the last four seasons, the B version of the JL-G09 has been the protagonist of historic achievements for Stock Car, such as the first stage of Brazilian motorsport held at a functioning commercial airport, in Galeão, Rio de Janeiro, in 2022; the return of the category abroad for the Buenos Aires round (2023) and also the 150th race of the Stock Car Pro Series taking place at the Autódromo de Interlagos, in São Paulo, last year.

  • Stock Car starts the year with several new features on the grid

    It will be a season of many new features on the Stock Car Pro Series grid, which begins its new championship this weekend (02 and 03/03) in Goiânia. The main category on the continent will present three new faces to the public. These are drivers who will complete their first full season in 2024. Champion of the Stock Series access category in 2023, 20-year-old Zezinho Muggiati from Paraná, will move up to the main division of Brazilian motorsport this year thanks to the biggest prize ever paid in motorsport in the country: the equivalent of R$2.5 million , granted to the owner of the access category title precisely to have the opportunity to measure strengths between the best pilots in Brazil. Muggiati chose the KTF Sports team to compete in his first season in Stock Car. Two talented and promising Gauchos will also make their first season in the Stock Pro Pro Series in 2024. Arthur Leist will debut as a driver for the Full Time Sports team, with support from Toyota Gazoo Racing Brasil. Born in Novo Hamburgo, the 22-year-old will be in his first full year in the competition, just like Gabriel Robe. Stock Series champion in 2017 and runner-up in four seasons, the driver born in Pelotas is one of the attractions of the newest team on the grid: WOKIN Garra Racing, which, like Robe, moves up from the access division and enters the Stock Series head-on. Car. Who also accelerates in 2024 to do his first full season in Stock Car Pro is Raphael Teixeira. After having done ten races (five stages) with Scuderia Chiarelli last year, the driver will race for a team that makes its debut this year in the category: ASR Competições. Based in Aparecida de Goiânia, ASR will be the first team from the State of Goiás on the Stock Car grid after more than 20 years. The team will be led by Roberto Ramos, known as ‘Betinho’, and promises 100% Goiás DNA. Among the drivers who were already regularly on the grid last year, six of them changed house in 2024. Rafael Suzuki will debut a partnership with TMG Racing, Julio Campos will move to Pole Motorsport, Felipe Baptista signed with Crown Racing for 2024, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Gaetano Di Mauro form a new duo with a new address (Cavaleiro Sports) and Lucas Kohl will defend WOKIN Garra Racing. On the other hand, 20 competitors bet on continuity and remain in the teams where they were last year. Talents arriving in 2024: Zezinho Muggiati, 20 years old, from Paraná, KTF Sports team Arthur Leist, 22 years old, from Rio Grande do Sul, Full Time Sports team Gabriel Robe, 26 years old, from Rio Grande do Sul, WOKIN Garra Racing team Drivers in new teams: Rafael Suzuki, 36 years old, from São Paulo, left Pole Motorsport and goes to TMG Racing Julio Campos, 42 years old, from Paraná, left TMG Racing and joined Pole Motorsport Felipe Baptista, 20 years old, from São Paulo, left KTF Sports for Crown Racing Nelson Piquet Júnior, 38 years old, from Brasilia, left Crown Racing and reinforces Cavaleiro Sports Gaetano Di Mauro, 26 years old, from São Paulo, will be Piquet's partner at Cavaleiro, leaving HotCar Lucas Kohl, 25 years old, from Rio Grande do Sul, switched from HotCar to WOKIN Garra Racing Raphael Teixeira, 37 years old, from Goiás, leaves Scuderia Chiarelli and races for newcomer ASR Competições

  • The records that could fall in Stock Car in 2024

    The moment when the Stock Car Pro Series officially opens the 2024 season, on the weekend of March 2nd and 3rd, at the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia (GO), will also represent the countdown to breaking records and milestones important for drivers or for the category itself. Surpassed only by the legendary and twelve-time Stock Car champion, Ingo Hoffmann, Paulo Gomes is the second driver in the history of the category with the most victories (40) and podiums. But the no less iconic Paulão can be surpassed by pilots who, at the time the Ribeirão Preto-based Minas Gerais native ended his career, were called “babysauruses”. With 39 victories in Stock Car, Thiago Camilo is one triumph away from equaling Paulo Gomes' mark and once again making history in Brazilian motorsport. Cacá Bueno and Ricardo Maurício, both with 37 first places, can also surpass Paulão. Three-time champion Ricardo Maurício has 89 podiums in the Pro Series and is just two away from tying with Gomes in statistics. In 2023, two drivers broke the barrier of 300 Stock Car races: Allam Khodair and Ricardo Maurício. In this new season, however, five more drivers can reach the tricentennial mark: Daniel Serra (currently with 296 starts), Marcos Gomes (291), Átila Abreu (285), in addition to Julio Campos and Ricardo Zonta (both with 278). Owner of two Pro Series titles, Gabriel Casagrande reaches 2024 as current champion and with the possibility of becoming the youngest three-time Stock Car champion. If he wins the cup in this season's Super Final, scheduled for December 15th, in Interlagos, the Paraná native will achieve the feat at 29 years, nine months and 26 days. No other driver has ever been three-times champion in the category before the age of 30. 100 times Toyota 2024 will be the year in which two very important century-old brands for Stock Car will take place. The first of these will be achieved by Toyota, which will complete 100 races in its history in the competition. The Japanese factory, which debuted in the Pro Series in 2020 and has made a total of 90 starts, will reach three figures during the fifth stage of the season, on June 30, at the Velocitta. Rio Grande do Sul will also reach 100 Stock Car races. To date, the competition has held 99 starts on Rio Grande do Sul soil: 37 in Tarumã, 25 in Santa Cruz do Sul, 24 at Velopark and 13 in Guaporé. Therefore, the first race of the eighth stage, on the weekend of September 7th and 8th, in Santa Cruz do Sul, will represent the category's 100th race in the Pampas. Goiânia will receive its 80th race, while Cascavel will have 30 starts. Still in 2024, Felipe Fraga and Rafael Suzuki will complete ten years since their Stock Car debuts. Fraga, in fact, debuted by winning and immortalized himself as the youngest to triumph in the category, at just 18 years old, in the Pairs Race, held in Interlagos, in partnership with Rodrigo Sperafico. Last, but certainly not least, on April 22nd the Stock Car will celebrate its 45th anniversary. Milestones that will be achieved 45 years of existence of Stock Car (April 22nd) 300th race by Daniel Serra, Marcos Gomes, Átila Abreu, Julio Campos and Ricardo Zonta Toyota's 100th start (will be achieved in the Velocitta, June 30) 100th race in Rio Grande do Sul (Santa Cruz do Sul, September 7) 80th start in Goiânia 30th race in Cascavel Threatened Brands Victories: Paulo Gomes is the second biggest winner, with 40 first places. Thiago Camilo (39 wins), Cacá Bueno (37) and Ricardo Maurício (37) can overtake him Podiums: also second in this regard, Paulo Gomes has 90. Ricardo Maurício (89), Cacá Bueno (86), Thiago Camilo (82) and Daniel Serra (81) seek to surpass him.

  • Stock Car pays homage to Wilson Fittipaldi Júnior, runner-up in 1991

    The 2024 season of the Stock Car Pro Series starts this weekend (02 and 03/03), with a tribute to one of the great names in the history of Brazilian motorsport. The stage that marks the beginning of the championship will be named after GP Wilson Fittipaldi Júnior, in tribute to the former driver, creator and leader of the only Brazilian team in the history of the Formula 1 World Championship, Copersucar-Fittipaldi, and runner-up in Stock Car, in 1991. The Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia (GO), will be the stage for this tribute in memory of the member of the Fittipaldi family who in the 60s, 70s and 80s, alongside his younger brother, Emerson, started a move that ended a less professional phase of motor sport in the country. Wilsinho, or Tigrão, as he was known at the racetracks, passed away last Friday (23/03) in São Paulo, aged 80. Wilsinho leaves a huge legacy for Brazilian motorsport. Son of ‘Baron’ Wilson Fittipaldi, a journalist and sports supporter who created one of the most important competitions in Brazilian motorsport, the Mil Milhas de Interlagos, still held today. Intelligent and restless, Wilsinho developed the first kart and promoted the first race of this micro-single car in Brazil. After developing several racing cars in the country, he embarked on an unthinkable project at the time: the creation of Fittipaldi, the first and only team based outside of Europe that competed in the Formula 1 World Championship between 1975 and 1982. In addition to Emerson, others Drivers from the country also represented the team, such as Ingo Hoffmann and Chico Serra, who later became Stock Car icons. Wilsinho's son, Christian Fittipaldi also competed in the main Brazilian category, between 2005 and 2006.

  • WOKIN Garra Racing debuts in Stock Car with Lucas Kohl and Gabriel Robe

    The Stock Car Pro Series will have a new competitor in 2024. WOKIN Garra Racing officially confirmed, this Friday (23), its entry into the grid, during a presentation event held at the headquarters of the Time-Line brand, in Caxias do Sul ( RS), the sports brand's headquarters city, with the presence of Vicar's CEO, Fernando Julianelli. The new team carries 100% Gaucho DNA and a huge tradition in the Stock Series access class, with six championships won. In operation since 2006, the formation led by Adilson Morari, in partnership with businessman Duda Silva, will continue operating in the base division, but now moves up to operate in the Stock Car Pro Series and will have two well-known names in the cockpit: Lucas Kohl and Gabriel Robe. The team's debut will take place in the opening stage of the Stock Car season, on March 2nd and 3rd, at the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia (GO).

  • Casagrande praises new racing format in 2024

    Current champion of Stock Car Pro Series, Gabriel Casagrande liked the changes announced for the sporting regulations for 2024 Stock’s season. A.Mattheis-Vogel Team driver praised most of the changes to the qualifying and racing format. Starting this year, Stock will have a 30-minute sprint race on Saturday and a 50-minute long race on Sunday. Pic: Rodrigo Guimarães / RF1 “I liked several changes: race time, new format and the changes in qualifying. Win will reward the driver with the best performance. Before this, win on race 2 often went to those who discarded race 1. Qualifying now brings more possibilities of moving from one step to another”, says Casagrande. But not everything pleased the two-time champion: Gabriel didn't like the continuation of the ballast of success, which punishes the six best placed in the championship with extra weight for the round ahead. “The continuation of the ballast of success is an artificial way of balancing Stock Car. It's a shame they kept it. Anyway, we're used to it. We managed to win the title even with this rule and we will do our best to always have the biggest ballast”, adds Casagrande, who was champion in 2021 and 2023 with the A.Mattheis-Vogel car. The 2024 Stock Car season will start on March 2nd and 3rd at the Autódromo Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia. The main news of the Stock Car Pro Series in 2024: - 12 weekends in double round. Total of 24 races in the year. - Sprint race on Saturday with 30 minutes. At the pit stop, at least one tire must be changed. - Main Race on Sunday with 50 minutes. At the pit stop, at least two tires must be changed. - Classification for grid formation: Q1: 2 groups of 16 cars Q2: 1 group of 20 cars Q3: 1 group of 8 cars - The Sprint grid will be formed by inverting the top 12 in the qualifying. - The main grid will have the original formation. - Fan Push will have more activations per run, but in shorter periods of extra power. - Discarding will continue in 2024, but only two worst results will be taken into account; in 2023, there were four.

  • Camara takes his first win inF-Regional Middle East

    At Dubai Autodrome, Rafael Camara stared on pole position alongside fellow Ferrari junior, Tuukka Taponen. Both drivers competed for the first corner. The finnish driver overtook the Brazilian and squeezed him off at turn two. Camara rejoined the track alongside his rival and took the lead before the second lap. Pics: Social Media On lap two, Taponen did get back into first place as he went to the inside of the Brazilian at a hairpin and ,again, squeezed him off for the second time. Camara once again rejoin the track alongside Taponen, and after few corners he moved to the lead again. Rafael still did the fastest lap, with 1min56s733. The fight for the lead stopped after the safety car got in two laps to go. Camara win for the first time in Formula Regional Middle East. Taponen was second and Badoer was third. O outro brasileiro na categoria, Emmo Fittipaldi, da MP Motorsport, terminou esta corrida em 14º lugar. After 3 rounds (9 races), the championship is like this: 1. Tuukka Taponen (R-ace GP): 142 points 2. Taylor Barnard (PHM Racing): 110 3. Martinius Stenshorne (R-ace GP): 108 4. Rafael Camara (Mumbai Falcons Team): 80 5. Mari Boya (Pinnacle Motorsport): 72

  • Cacá Bueno renews until 2025

    Record holder on the current Stock Car Pro Series grid with more than 350 starts, Cacá Bueno confirms participation in the next two seasons. The five-time champion will continue racing for KTF Sports in 2024; he completes 25 seasons in Stock Car Pro Series. Pic: Ricardo Nigro/RF1 “I'm very happy with this announcement, it will be my 25th season, no one on the current grid has that number and few have achieved that in Stock Car's past. I remain motivated”, says Cacá, who has 85 podiums in his Stock Car career. Cacá also highlighted the renewal for another season with KTF Sports and the new format of the Stock Car Pro Series weekend, with qualifying and a shorter race on Saturday, in addition to a longer race on Sunday. “I think the public will appreciate this new racing format. I liked the old format, but I think this change is positive because this way we will have a bigger movement of two days with races”, adds Cacá. The 2024 Stock season starts on March 2nd, in Goiânia.

  • Arthur Leist will compete in Stock Car 2024 season

    Arthur Leist has agreed with Full Time Sports Team to compete in Stock Car Pro Series 2024 season. The young driver has only one race in this category, when he replaced Tony Kanaan in last year's Tarumã round. With 19 years-old, Leist is ready to debut in Stock season. And who says this is the head of the Full Time Sports Team. “Arthur is a driver who is ready to do his first full season in Stock Car. We know the difficulties of a rookie year, but our team will give him all the support he needs. It was like that with the growth of Dudu (Barrichello) and Gianluca (Petecof)”, says Maurício Ferreira. Arthur started in karting. He competed two seasons in American F4 (2018 and 2019) achieving podiums and victories. In 2020, he start thinking about one day moving into Stock Car. Leist showed good performance in his last three seasons in the Stock Light. In 2022, he finished in third place. The new season will start on March 2nd and 3rd, in Goiânia.

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