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Without Verstappen on the podium, Schumacher maintains two F1 records

Carlos Sainz Jr's victory in the Formula 1 Singapore GP prevented Max Verstappen's dream of breaking two of Michael Schumacher's records. It was the first time this season that there was no victory for Red Bull.

The fifth place for the world championship leader Max Verstappen, who is close to his third title this year, prevented the Dutchman from dreaming of reaching Schumacher's record. Max stopped at 15 consecutive podiums (Abu Dhabi 2022 up to Italy 2023), four away from equaling the mark of the German seven-time world champion; Schumacher reached the podium in 19 consecutive races (USA 2011 up to Japan 2002).

Pic: Ferrari Website

The drivers who have been on the podium the most consecutively:

1. Schumacher: 19 (USA 2011 up to Japan 2002)

2. Hamilton: 16 (Italy 2014 up to Britain 2015)

3. Alonso: 15 (Turkey 2005 up to Canada 2006)

4. Verstappen: 15 (Abu Dhabi 2022 up to Italy 2023)

5. Vettel: 11 (Brazil 2010 up to Britain 2011 and Germany 2013 up to Brazil 2013)

Having finished fifth in the Singapore GP, Max Verstappen will also not match another Michael Schumacher's mark this year. The German is the only driver in the history of Formula 1 to have been on the podium in every race in a season. Schumacher was on the podium in every Grand Prix in 2002, that was the season he won the fifth of his seven world titles.


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