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Vitor Genz wins race 2 in Goiânia

The constant change in leadership and the little difference in distance between the competitors, proving the balance of the category, was what most marked the second race of the Special Edition of Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, on the outer ring of the Ayrton Senna International Autodrome, in Goiânia.

Pic: Luciano Santos

It was only in the final half of the last lap that the podium was defined, which made Vitor Genz cross the finish line four thousandths of a second behind Diego Moscato. The same happened between the third and fourth overall position, in which Felipinho Tozzo also had the same gap as Antonio Junqueira. In the AM class, Léo Yoshii won with a big advantage.

Race 2 results (Top10):

1) Vitor Genz/Rafa Dias (46), PRO, 17 laps

2) Diogo Moscato (54), PRO, 0s045

3) Fê Tozzo / João Bortoluzzi (57), PROAM, 0s334

4) Antonio Junqueira (16), PROAM, 0s388

5) Rodolpho Santos/ Vinny Azevedo (80), PROAM, 0s966

6) Léo Yoshii (78), AM, 1s252

7) Witold Ramasauskas (13), PRO, 2s891

8) Celio Vinicius/ Arthur Gama (9), PROAM, 3s479

9) Edson Reis (12), AM, 6s738

10) Léo Torres (1), PRO, 15s342


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