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Two rounds in Londrina and a new leader in Copa Truck

The two stages raced in Londrina, Paraná, in the Copa Truck were busy on the track and in the classification. On Saturday, with the third stage, victories by André Marques and Roberval Andrade. In addition, on Sunday, when the fourth stage was held, who climbed to the top of the podium was Beto Monteiro in the first race and, again, Roberval Andrade got the victory on the second race.

Pics: Duda Bairros

Monteiro won the first race on Sunday after starting from pole position. “Today we proved the excellence of our very fast truck in race 1 and race 2”, said the new leader with 116 points.

In race 2 on Sunday, Roberval Andrade took the lead in the first lap and won. “Victory yesterday and today. Not bad! Today I was more committed to the result because I knew I had a good truck”, Said Roberval. He also gave his view of the touch with Beto Monteiro in the first race. “I forced Beto there, respected the space, but when he came back, his truck hit mine. I left the track and I lost five positions. I recovered and got fourth”, he said.

Championship after 4 rounds (Top5):

1. Beto Monteiro: 116 points

2. Jaidson Zini: 113

3. André Marques: 113

4. Felipe Giaffone: 112

5. Roberval Andrade: 103


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