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Three just seven times

The 2023 Formula 1 season made history. Teams and drivers are focused next mounth on launch of all models that will be on the grid in 2024. In addition to Max Verstappen's world championship and the records that the Dutchman achieved last year, there is a curiosity surrounding last year's Formula 1 season.

Last year, only three drivers won in 2023 season, which had 22 Grand Prix: Max Verstappen (19 wins) and Sérgio Pérez (2 wins), from Red Bull, and Carlos Sainz (1 win), from Ferrari.

Pic: Formula 1

But the shortage of winning drivers didn't happen just last year. In F1’s history, which is heading into its 75th season in 2024, only on six occasions three drivers got the victory during the year.

On 2015 season (with 19 GP), Lewis Hamilton, who won his third world championship that year, won 10 races with Mercedes, while Nico Rosberg, runner-up, had 6 victories for the same team. In 2015, Sebastian Vettel, who was making his debut at Ferrari, took 3 victories.

A year earlier, in 2014, and with 19 races on the calendar, Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton took the world title after winning 11 races. Lewis' teammate and runner-up in 2015, Nico Rosberg won 5, while Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo won 3 GPs.

In the last century, this statistic can be found on four occasions.

In 1988, Ayrton Senna debuted at McLaren and became world champion after winning 8 of 16 races. Senna's teammate, Alain Prost was runner-up with 7 victories. It was up to Gerhard Berger, from Ferrari, to win the only race that McLaren didn’t complete all laps.

In 1963, Jim Clark and Lotus destroyed their rivals. The Scot reached his first world title with 7 victories out of 10 races that season. BRM's Graham Hill (2 wins) and Ferrari's John Surtees (1 win) were the other winners that year.

In 1950s, there were two more cases: in 1952 season, which had 8 races, Alberto Ascari and Ferrari achieved their first drivers' title in F1. The Italian achieved 6 victories, while Piero Taruffi (Ferrari) and Troy Ruttman (Kuzma, in the Indianapolis 500) each had 1 victory.

Already in the debut season of Formula 1, two Alfa Romeo’s drivers dominated. Juan Manuel Fangio won 3 Grand Prix and was runner-up, while Giuseppe Farina, 1950 world champion, won others 3 GPs. Johnnie Parsons had 1 victory (Kurtis Kraft, in the Indianapolis 500).

Of the 7 seasons highlighted here, only in 1988, 2014 and 2015 the three winners drivers did the top three in the final classification. In 1950, 1952, 1963 and 2023, the third-placed driver in the championship didn’t win in the respective years.


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