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Three drivers with three new brands

Stock Car Pro Series goes to Interlagos in April

Pic: Duda Bairros

Thirty-one Stock Car Pro Series’ drivers will look for winning double round at Interlagos, São Paulo. Only ten still dream on their first victory. The other 21 have already climbed on the top of the podium at least once.

Among these 21, three drivers stand out, who have already won few times on São Paulo’s track and arrive at Interlagos with new brands in their careers.

Cacá Bueno, who won two of his five Stock Car’s titles at Interlagos, has the most starts in Stock Car Pro Series. The five-time champion has already made 334 races at the most important category in Brazil. And this number will grow up even more because Cacá doesn't think about retiring.

Pic: Pedro Albertoni

If Cacá has the most starts at Stock Car Pro Series, Ricardo Maurício is now the driver who has more podiums. In 295 races, the three-time champion tied with Cacá after getting the third place in Goiânia, first race of this season, and get 86 podiums in Stock Car. In history, Ricardinho is the third driver with the most podiums. Now, he is five behind the four-time champion on the 80’s and 90’s, Paulo Gomes. The greatest is twelve-time champion, Ingo Hoffmann, who has 158 podium finishes.

Pic: Fernanda Freixosa

With a little more than half number of Ingo’s podiums, Thiago Camilo (81 podiums) leaved Cacá Bueno behind and became the greatest winner in activity at Stock Car Pro Series. Thiago Camilo won 38 of 311 races. An expressive number, but still far from of record holder, Ingo Hoffmann, with 76. Just behind Camilo, Cacá has 37 and Ricardo Maurício won 36.

Pic: Rafael Gagliano


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