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This F1 season could go down in history

Formula 1 entered the summer break with another victory for Max Verstappen. The victory at the Belgian GP showed the strength of Red Bull Team and the Dutch driver.

In this season, that he will probably be three times world champion, Max Verstappen can achieve na important scoring and breaking records.

Pic: Formula 1

If he wins the Dutch GP, the next race this season, Max will equal the record of consecutive victories, which today belongs to Sebastian Vettel. The four times world Champion won nine races in 2013 – from the Belgian GP to the Brazilian GP.

With 10 races to go in the season, the Dutchman could break Alberto Ascari's record, built in 1952, when the Italian won six in eight races that season (75%). To break this 71 years’ brand, Max needs to win 7 more races by the end of this year.

Max can also reach, and perhaps surpass, the poles mark in one season. Today the record is held by Seb Vettel, who started on pole 15 times in the 2011 season (19 races). In 2023, Verstappen has 7 poles.

The world leader also has a chance to break another record. Between the 2001 US GP and 2002 Japanese GP, Michael Schumacher went on the podium 19 times. Max has, today, 13 consecutive podium finishes.

Max Verstappen is eight wins away from becoming, along with Vettel, the third biggest winner in Formula 1 history.


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