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The records that could fall in Stock Car in 2024

The moment when the Stock Car Pro Series officially opens the 2024 season, on the weekend of March 2nd and 3rd, at the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia (GO), will also represent the countdown to breaking records and milestones important for drivers or for the category itself.

Surpassed only by the legendary and twelve-time Stock Car champion, Ingo Hoffmann, Paulo Gomes is the second driver in the history of the category with the most victories (40) and podiums. But the no less iconic Paulão can be surpassed by pilots who, at the time the Ribeirão Preto-based Minas Gerais native ended his career, were called “babysauruses”.

With 39 victories in Stock Car, Thiago Camilo is one triumph away from equaling Paulo Gomes' mark and once again making history in Brazilian motorsport. Cacá Bueno and Ricardo Maurício, both with 37 first places, can also surpass Paulão. Three-time champion Ricardo Maurício has 89 podiums in the Pro Series and is just two away from tying with Gomes in statistics.

In 2023, two drivers broke the barrier of 300 Stock Car races: Allam Khodair and Ricardo Maurício. In this new season, however, five more drivers can reach the tricentennial mark: Daniel Serra (currently with 296 starts), Marcos Gomes (291), Átila Abreu (285), in addition to Julio Campos and Ricardo Zonta (both with 278).

Owner of two Pro Series titles, Gabriel Casagrande reaches 2024 as current champion and with the possibility of becoming the youngest three-time Stock Car champion. If he wins the cup in this season's Super Final, scheduled for December 15th, in Interlagos, the Paraná native will achieve the feat at 29 years, nine months and 26 days. No other driver has ever been three-times champion in the category before the age of 30.

100 times Toyota

2024 will be the year in which two very important century-old brands for Stock Car will take place. The first of these will be achieved by Toyota, which will complete 100 races in its history in the competition. The Japanese factory, which debuted in the Pro Series in 2020 and has made a total of 90 starts, will reach three figures during the fifth stage of the season, on June 30, at the Velocitta.

Rio Grande do Sul will also reach 100 Stock Car races. To date, the competition has held 99 starts on Rio Grande do Sul soil: 37 in Tarumã, 25 in Santa Cruz do Sul, 24 at Velopark and 13 in Guaporé. Therefore, the first race of the eighth stage, on the weekend of September 7th and 8th, in Santa Cruz do Sul, will represent the category's 100th race in the Pampas. Goiânia will receive its 80th race, while Cascavel will have 30 starts.

Still in 2024, Felipe Fraga and Rafael Suzuki will complete ten years since their Stock Car debuts. Fraga, in fact, debuted by winning and immortalized himself as the youngest to triumph in the category, at just 18 years old, in the Pairs Race, held in Interlagos, in partnership with Rodrigo Sperafico. Last, but certainly not least, on April 22nd the Stock Car will celebrate its 45th anniversary.

Milestones that will be achieved

45 years of existence of Stock Car (April 22nd)

300th race by Daniel Serra, Marcos Gomes, Átila Abreu, Julio Campos and Ricardo Zonta

Toyota's 100th start (will be achieved in the Velocitta, June 30)

100th race in Rio Grande do Sul (Santa Cruz do Sul, September 7) 80th start in Goiânia

30th race in Cascavel

Threatened Brands

Victories: Paulo Gomes is the second biggest winner, with 40 first places. Thiago Camilo (39 wins), Cacá Bueno (37) and Ricardo Maurício (37) can overtake him

Podiums: also second in this regard, Paulo Gomes has 90. Ricardo Maurício (89), Cacá Bueno (86), Thiago Camilo (82) and Daniel Serra (81) seek to surpass him.


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