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The end of an era

The year 2020 will forever be marked in the history of Brazilian motorsport as the season in which the Stock Car Pro Series presented a new project that, in the following months, would radicalize the already famous rivalry between the teams in the category. The JL-G09B model was created in a few months through joint work between Vicar, the competition's promoter, and the engineering departments of the participating teams. During the process, the world was heavily impacted by the Covid epidemic, a tragedy that would also have strong effects on the sports and events segment.

Even so, Stock Car continued with the objective of putting a new car on the track that had lines closer to the models found in stores by the consumer, generating even more identification between the fan and the competition cars. The central point was the use of the unibody of the Chevrolet Cruze model and the newly arrived Toyota Corolla, which would make its debut in Stock Car precisely that season.

Using the structure of its predecessor as an initial basis, the new project's main challenges were equalization between the Cruze and Corolla models. The crucial points were mainly in aerodynamic matching and weight distribution, as well as adaptive details of specific components. After equalization tests kept confidential on routes such as Velocitta, Tarumã and Cascavel, the new models were approved. But the definitive test was missing: the confrontation in competition. The debut took place on July 26, 2020, at the Goiânia track, with the historic victory of the Toyota Corolla driven by Ricardo Zonta.

Over the last four seasons, the B version of the JL-G09 has been the protagonist of historic achievements for Stock Car, such as the first stage of Brazilian motorsport held at a functioning commercial airport, in Galeão, Rio de Janeiro, in 2022; the return of the category abroad for the Buenos Aires round (2023) and also the 150th race of the Stock Car Pro Series taking place at the Autódromo de Interlagos, in São Paulo, last year.


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