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Surprising ending in Nascar Brasil Sprint Race

Pics: Luciano Santos / SiGCom Lourenço Beirão and Julio Campos was the best names in the Nascar Brasil Sprint Race’s second row. In the first race, Guilherme Backes started at pole, bus lost P1 on the first corner. At the end o lap 1, Léo Torres was the leader. Beirão stayed most of the time on P4. On the seconf half of the race, Diogo Moscato had an accident and a Safety Car was developed. When the race stared again, Beirão overtook Backer and Torres. He's back on victories winning the first race at Interlagos.

Race 1’s results (Top10):

1. Lourenço Beirão /Giovani Girotto (72), PROAM, 27min14seg718

2. Léo Torres /Júlio Campos (1), PRO, 0s447

3. Alex Seid/Beto Monteiro (88), PRO, a 0s757

4. Arthur Gama (9), PRO, 4s660

5. Rafael Dias (11), PRO, 4s718

6. Rodrigo Sperafico/Lucas Mendes (27), PRO, a 5s171

7. Cayan Chianca /Pedro Burger (4), PROAM, a 6s416

8. Rafa Reis /Léo Reis (32), PROAM, a 7s040

9. Edgar Neto /Vitor Genz (46), PRO, a 11s742

10. Henrique Couto (0), AM, 11s830 In the second race of this second round of the season, Julio Campos had a great dispute with Beto Monteiro. One of the best of this season! Both drivers took turns in the lead of the race.

On the last lap, Beto Monteiro, using the Maxon Boost, got 40 hp plus for 20 seconds. He got the lead. But, on the last metres, Julio Campos used his Boost and took the lead back and the victory. Was an amazing race’s finish. Race 2’s results (Top10):

1. Júlio Campos/ Léo Torres (1), PRO, 28min33seg137 2. Beto Monteiro / Alex Seid (88), PRO, a 0s276 3. Lucas Mendes / Rodrigo Sperafico (27), PRO, a 0s648 4. Rafa Dias (11), PRO, a 1s501 5. Arthur Gama (9), PRO, a 11s385 6. Rafa Reis / Léo Reis (32), PROAM, a 12s067 7. Pedro Bürger / Cayan Chianca (4), PROAM, a 13s602 8. Vitor Genz / Edgar Bueno Neto (46), PRO, a 13s661 9. Henry Couto (0), AM, a 32s306 10. Edson Reis (12), AM, a 40s126

Highlights of race 2 at Interlagos:

Images: Master TV / Nascar Brasil Sprint Race Championship after 2 rounds:

1. Beto Monteiro/Alex Seid: 66 points

2. Arthur Gama: 59

3. Julio Campos /Léo Torres: 58

4. Vitor Genz: 55

5. Rafa Dias: 54


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