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Stock Car starts the year with several new features on the grid

It will be a season of many new features on the Stock Car Pro Series grid, which begins its new championship this weekend (02 and 03/03) in Goiânia. The main category on the continent will present three new faces to the public. These are drivers who will complete their first full season in 2024.

Champion of the Stock Series access category in 2023, 20-year-old Zezinho Muggiati from Paraná, will move up to the main division of Brazilian motorsport this year thanks to the biggest prize ever paid in motorsport in the country: the equivalent of R$2.5 million , granted to the owner of the access category title precisely to have the opportunity to measure strengths between the best pilots in Brazil. Muggiati chose the KTF Sports team to compete in his first season in Stock Car.

Two talented and promising Gauchos will also make their first season in the Stock Pro Pro Series in 2024. Arthur Leist will debut as a driver for the Full Time Sports team, with support from Toyota Gazoo Racing Brasil. Born in Novo Hamburgo, the 22-year-old will be in his first full year in the competition, just like Gabriel Robe. Stock Series champion in 2017 and runner-up in four seasons, the driver born in Pelotas is one of the attractions of the newest team on the grid: WOKIN Garra Racing, which, like Robe, moves up from the access division and enters the Stock Series head-on. Car.

Who also accelerates in 2024 to do his first full season in Stock Car Pro is Raphael Teixeira. After having done ten races (five stages) with Scuderia Chiarelli last year, the driver will race for a team that makes its debut this year in the category: ASR Competições. Based in Aparecida de Goiânia, ASR will be the first team from the State of Goiás on the Stock Car grid after more than 20 years. The team will be led by Roberto Ramos, known as ‘Betinho’, and promises 100% Goiás DNA.

Among the drivers who were already regularly on the grid last year, six of them changed house in 2024. Rafael Suzuki will debut a partnership with TMG Racing, Julio Campos will move to Pole Motorsport, Felipe Baptista signed with Crown Racing for 2024, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Gaetano Di Mauro form a new duo with a new address (Cavaleiro Sports) and Lucas Kohl will defend WOKIN Garra Racing. On the other hand, 20 competitors bet on continuity and remain in the teams where they were last year. Talents arriving in 2024:

Zezinho Muggiati, 20 years old, from Paraná, KTF Sports team

Arthur Leist, 22 years old, from Rio Grande do Sul, Full Time Sports team

Gabriel Robe, 26 years old, from Rio Grande do Sul, WOKIN Garra Racing team

Drivers in new teams:

Rafael Suzuki, 36 years old, from São Paulo, left Pole Motorsport and goes to TMG Racing

Julio Campos, 42 years old, from Paraná, left TMG Racing and joined Pole Motorsport

Felipe Baptista, 20 years old, from São Paulo, left KTF Sports for Crown Racing

Nelson Piquet Júnior, 38 years old, from Brasilia, left Crown Racing and reinforces Cavaleiro Sports

Gaetano Di Mauro, 26 years old, from São Paulo, will be Piquet's partner at Cavaleiro, leaving HotCar

Lucas Kohl, 25 years old, from Rio Grande do Sul, switched from HotCar to WOKIN Garra Racing

Raphael Teixeira, 37 years old, from Goiás, leaves Scuderia Chiarelli and races for newcomer ASR Competições


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