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Stock Car Pro Series presents novelties of the new car

A new chapter of Brazilian motorsport is underway. The Stock Car Pro Series presented the new car that will be used by the most professional teams and drivers in Brazil, such as Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa, Nelsinho Piquet, Ricardo Zonta, Cacá Bueno, Ricardo Mauricio, Daniel Serra, Felipe Fraga, Marcos Gomes, Gabriel Casagrande, Thiago Camilo, among many other grid stars. Considered one of the pillars of the transformation process that the main Latin America championship has been promoting, the Audace SNG01 model brings together great technology to construct the most modern racing car ever conceived in the history of Brazilian sports.

Pics: Duda Bairros

Using elements such as the first steel researched and manufactured specifically for a racing car, unprecedented innovations in connectivity and data capture and management, a focus on performance and safety, in addition to other technologically advanced attributes, the Audace SNG01 is a project created to take the Stock Car's level of competitiveness to an even more high.

A world reference in terms of competitiveness for routinely placing more than 25 cars in less than half a second, the Stock Car Pro Series is now also positioning as a new standard of technology among national sports championships. The advances promoted by the new model took into account technically daring objectives, resulting in a much faster, more stable and safer in the competition.

Among the many highlights is the extensive connectivity provided by the Qualcomm Snapdragon system. The chassis produced with steel specially developed by ArcelorMittal. The X-Trac gearbox, used in some of the fastest cars in the world. A suspension system that will challenge the drivers.

“This car has a lot of research and technology were employed so that we have the safest, most performing and technological car in Stock’s history. It will bring much more emotion, not only for the drivers, but also for our fans", points out Fernando Julianelli, CEO of Vicar, promoter of Stock Car Pro Series.

Technical Sheet of Audace SNG01:

Engine: Audacetech Chevrolet or Audacetech Toyota

Specification: 4 cylinders, 2.1 liters, turbocharged, 16 valves and electronic injection, 500 HP (7.600 RPM). Torque 580 Nm (from 4.000 to 6.800 RPM). Max RPM: 7.600

Electronics: Motec and Fueltech

Dashboard: Fueltech FT700 Plus

Weight: 1.100kg (2kg per HP)

Transmission: X-Trac P1529, sequential and semi-automatic, 6 gears, activated by the driver, but the mechanism manages the engagement. Shifts triggered by butterflies on the steering wheel. Rear wheel drive

Suspension: independent on all 4 wheels. Overlapping triangles (“double A”). Pushrod system. Adjustable competition shock absorbers

Shock Absorbers: Penske Racing

Connectivity: Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G, with sensing of various car functions

Visibility: cameras integrated into the chassis with front and rear views, plus an internal 360-degree camera. The first 2 available on the driver's display. The other 3 used in TV broadcast

Aerodynamics: fairing to be defined. DRS on carbon fiber mobile wing

Project: Audacetech, ArcelorMittal, IPT and SENAI

Body: Chevrolet and Toyota, composite material (including carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid and kevlar). Rallc manufacturing

Chassis: DP980R tubes from the Advanced High Resistance Steel. CBA homologation

Wheelbase: 2.750 mm

Brakes front and rear: ventilated discs, with Fras-le pads and AP Racing competition calipers with 6 pistons at the front and 4 at the rear

Steering: rack/pinion system, electric drive

Computer simulation: IPT and Siemens

Fabrication and prototyping: ESPAS and Audacetech

Competition elements(engine and suspension): MTR

Steering wheel: Grid Engineering, Stock Car model

Wheels: Mangels, light alloy, measures 11.5 x 18 inches (diameter x width)

Tires: Hankook (300-680x18 Hankook)

Fuel: ethanol

Tank: installed in a carbon fiber vault, it is a deformable and resistant rubber container developed especially for competition, following the FIA standard FT3 classification. Anti-overturn safety valve and adjustable capacity

Safety: ArcelorMittal DP980R steel tubular structure, fireproof walls made of aluminum sheets and heat-resistant coating, front and rear impact-absorbing aluminum crash box structures. Side structures in carbon, kevlar and aramid for impact absorption and energy dissipation. FIA certified driver's seat designed and made in the USA


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