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Stock Car Pro Series: new tires in 2023

The south corean Hankook’ compound will take all cars on grid

Pics: Duda Bairros

New drivers, new teams and sponcers. All these ingredients will be in this Stock Car Pro Series season. Besides this news, the grid will presents drivers with a lot of experience and four F1 former drivers. All 31 drivers will race at Goiânia, first round of 2023's calendar, this weekend. They start a big fight for the most important brazilian motorsport’s titule.

This season will take some news. The most important one is the tires. Pirelli will not be on the grid anymore. The south corean Hankook will equip all cars. Because of the new tires, the height of the cars and the rear wing are new too this season.

The first impression is that, with such a critical change, the balance must be even greater as drivers and teams start from step zero.

“We have a process of adapting to the unknown, and tires are pure grip”, said the 2022 champion, Rubens Barrichello. “Along with that, we have the brakes, which are super important in Stock Car. So we go into this first test diving into the unknown, because the tires can change the height of the car, which can change its balance and, fundamentally, can change the structure and balance of the brakes”, said the Stock Car’s two-time champion, Barrichello.

"I'm happy with the first day here in Goiânia. I could feel the difference with the new tires. I really liked the Hankook tires. I think that now the question is the team's adaptation to the new compound. I'm sure we will fight for good results this season", said Nelson Piquet Jr.

A good grip of tires with the ground will make all that braking force that the driver has in the discs and brakes pads be transmitted to tires, making the car stop sooner, decelerate more and, very important, not locking the wheels.

“It will be a great challenge for drivers and teams, because everything changes with a new tire supplier: compound, grip level, durability, how the car should be set up and how the driver will drive on the brakes pedal, as well as his approach on turn entries and exits. In the end, this should bring even more balance and make the disputes more exciting”, says Brezolin, engineer that works for Fras-le & Fremax, the official and exclusive supplier of brake pads for the Stock Car Pro Series.

Teams and drivers in 2023:

Eurofarma RC

29. Daniel Serra – Chevrolet

90. Ricardo Mauricio – Chevrolet

RCM Motorsport

10. Ricardo Zonta – Toyota

44. Bruno Baptista – Toyota

Ipiranga A.Mattheis

21. Thiago Camilo – Toyota

30. Cesar Ramos – Toyota

A.Mattheis Vogel Motorsport

12. Lucas Foresti – Chevrolet

83. Gabriel Casagrande – Chevrolet

Mobil Ale Full Time

91. Dudu Barrichello – Toyota

111. Rubens Barrichello – Toyota

Full Time Sports

101. Gianluca Petecof – Toyota

117. Matías Rossi – Toyota

Full Time Bassani

6. Tony Kanaan – Toyota

KTF Sports

0. Cacá Bueno – Chevrolet

3. Rodrigo (Digo) Baptista – Chevrolet

KTF Racing

85. Guilherme Salas – Chevrolet

121. Felipe Baptista – Chevrolet

TMG Lubrax

4. Julio Campos – Chevrolet

19. Felipe Massa – Chevrolet

TMG-Crown Racing

28. Enzo Elias – Toyota

33. Nelsinho Piquet – Toyota

Blau Motorsport

18. Allam Khodair – Chevrolet

88. Felipe Fraga – Chevrolet

Cavaleiro Sports

5. Denis Navarro – Chevrolet

80. Marcos Gomes – Chevrolet

Pole Motorsport

8. Rafael Suzuki – Chevrolet

51. Atila Abreu – Chevrolet

Hot Car Competições

11. Gaetano di Mauro – Chevrolet

95. Lucas Khol – Chevrolet

Scuderia Chiarelli

37. Raphael Teixeira – Toyota

73. Sergio Jimenez – Toyota

The 2023 Stock Car Pro Series’ calendar:

April 2nd – Goiânia

April 23rd – São Paulo (Interlagos)

May 21st – Tarumã

June 18th – Cascavel

July 9th – São Paulo (Interlagos)

August 6th – Mogi Guaçu

August 27th – Goiânia

September 17th – Nova Santa Rita

October 8th – Buenos Aires

October 29th – Mogi Guaçu

November 26th – Brasília

December 17th – São Paulo (Interlagos)

All champions:

1979: Paulo Gomes

1980: Ingo Hoffmann

1981: Affonso Giaffone Jr

1982: Alencar Jr

1983: Paulo Gomes

1984: Paulo Gomes

1985: Ingo Hoffmann

1986: Marcos Gracia

1987: Zeca Giaffone

1988: Fábio Sotto Mayor

1989: Ingo Hoffmann

1990: Ingo Hoffmann

1991: Ingo Hoffmann / Ângelo Giombelli

1992: Ingo Hoffmann / Ângelo Giombelli

1993: Ingo Hoffmann / Ângelo Giombelli

1994: Ingo Hoffmann

1995: Paulo Gomes

1996: Ingo Hoffmann

1997: Ingo Hoffmann

1998: Ingo Hoffmann

1999: Chico Serra

2000: Chico Serra

2001: Chico Serra

2002: Ingo Hoffmann

2003: David Muffato

2004: Giuliano Losacco

2005: Giuliano Losacco

2006: Cacá Bueno

2007: Cacá Bueno

2008: Ricardo Maurício

2009: Cacá Bueno

2010: Max Wilson

2011: Cacá Bueno

2012: Cacá Bueno

2013: Ricardo Maurício

2014: Rubens Barrichello

2015: Marcos Gomes

2016: Felipe Fraga

2017: Daniel Serra

2018: Daniel Serra

2019: Daniel Serra

2020: Ricardo Maurício

2021: Gabriel Casagrande

2022: Rubens Barrichello


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