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Stock Car opens 2024 season with radical change

The 2024 Stock Car Pro Series season starts this weekend (02 and 03/03) at the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia (GO), and brings great news to the public and drivers alike. In addition to the renewed format, which will now consist of a Sprint race — 30 minutes long — on Saturdays and the main race of the stage, lasting 50 minutes, on Sundays, an important and radical change tends to make the disputes even fiercer between the main names from national motorsport, with the potential to set a record number of overtakes.

The particular race regulations for the first round of the championship provide that each driver will have no less than 44 push-to-pass activations, the overtaking button activated electronically by the steering wheel, which offers extra power and generates approximately 100 hp during its activation period. , which for this weekend's stage will be eight seconds. The amount of push covers both races, and it is up to the driver to decide when and where to push in each of them.

For rookie drivers, another new feature: in addition to the planned 44 uses of the overtaking button, rookies Arthur Leist, Gabriel Robe and Zezinho Muggiati will have four extra push-to-passes.

The rule for push-to-pass in 2024 differs greatly from last year. By way of comparison, in the first stage of last season, which was also held on the 3,835 meter mixed circuit of the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, each driver had 12 drives available to use in the sum of the two races of the round. In this format, the duration of extra power each time the overdrive button was activated was 21 seconds.

According to the old dynamics, the drivers activated the push-to-pass only in the highest speed sections, such as the pit straight, to make the most of the extra power. With the change in regulations for the new season, competitors will be able to frequently use the overtaking button at other points on the track, thus opening up an even greater range of strategy in terms of battles for position, providing greater possibilities for attack and defense with the shortest push duration.

As for Fan Push, the winners of the vote promoted among the Stock Car public will have four extra presses of the overtaking button, which can be activated in the main race of the weekend, this Sunday, at noon.


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