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Sprint Race confirms all dates for 2024's calendar

The Sprint Race Nascar Brazil organization announces the dates for the 2024 season. The championship will have eight rounds on different tracks. The Autódromo Orlando Moura track, in Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul), will host for the first time the opening season, on March 17th.

Pics: Luciano Santos / SiGCom

Another news is the long-term race – called the #100miles –, in the sixth round scheduled for September 1st, at the Autódromo Zilmar Beux, in Cascavel (Paraná).

The traditional Night Race (#NightChallenge), one of the biggest competitions on the calendar, will take place for the 13th time in Londrina (Paraná), on Saturday, May 11th.

And all competitions will be held in conjunction with the Copa Truck.

2024 calendar:

Round 1 – March 17th – Campo Grande

Round 2 – April 14th – Goiânia

Round 3 – May 11th – Londrina (#nightchallenge)

Round 4 – June 16th – no place yet

Round 5 – August 04th – Interlagos - São Paulo

Round 6 – September 1st – Cascavel (#100miles)

Round 7 – Octouber 13th – Rio Grande do Sul

Round 8 – November 17th – Goiânia (oval)


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