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Sprint Race: Julio Campos wins Race 2 in Tarumã

Julio Campos was the winner of Race 2, which ended the seventh round of Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, in Tarumã, Rio Grande do Sul. The PRO class driver secured the victory after the penalty imposed on Vitor Genz, who received five seconds due to having touched Julio in the fight for victory on the final lap. The winner completed the 16 laps in 27min22sec978, with Arthur Gama (PRO) in second and Cayan Chianca (PROAM) in third.

Pic: Luciano Santos (SigCom)

Julio started on pole and continued in first. Right behind, Arthur Gama and Vitor Genz. On lap 6, Genz took the lead of the race and was chased by Julio. On the last lap, Campos regained first place. In the fight for recovery, Genz threw Campos off the track and crossed first. However, he was punished by the race direction with a five-second penalty. The victory went to Julio Campos.

In the PROAM class, Cayan won again, following the same pace as the PRO drivers. In AM, the best was Mc Gui.

In the last stage, on December 10th, at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, in Interlagos, São Paulo, the champions (PRO, PROAM and AM) of the 2023 season will be announced.

Results of Race 2 at Tarumã (Top10):

1) #1 Julio Campos / Léo Torres, PRO, 16 laps

2) #9 Arthur Gama, PRO, a 0s564

3) #4 Cayan Chianca, PROAM, a 1s276

4) #32 Léo Reis / Rafa Reis, PROAM, a 1s340

5) #20 Jeff Giassi / Lourenço Beirão, PROAM, a 3s692

6) #46 Vitor Genz / Edgar Neto, PRO, a 4s337

7) #88 Beto Monteiro / Alex Seid, PRO, a 5s619

8) #13 Witold Ramasauskas, PROAM, a 5s868

9) #98 Mc Gui, AM, a 6s418

10) #54 Diogo Moscato, PRO, a 6s802

Pic: Rodrigo Guimarães

PRO Championship (Top 5):

1) #1 Julio Campos /Léo Torres, 205 points

2) #46 Vitor Genz, 166

3) #88 Beto Monteiro/Alex Seid, 164

4) #11 Rafa Dias, 140

5) #9 Arthur Gama, 136


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