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Roberval takes Copa Truck's lead in Cascavel

The fifth round of Copa Truck, held in Cascavel, went down in history for having the first victory by a woman. Bia Figueiredo, a former IndyCar driver, won in Super class. But this result does not overshadow the two victories of Roberval Andrade.

Pics: Duda Bairros

In the case of Bia, the victory was supposed to have already happened in race 1, when she started from pole, led the entire race, but lost P1 due to excesse missions, taking 20 seconds to the final time and falling to P12, a position she had to start in the follow in grace. That's when she put on a show, passing the drivers ahead and getting the checkered flag for the first time in her class.

Roberval, on the other hand, had much more than the two outright victories to celebrate. Owner of the ASG Team, he has seen six of the seven trucks he manages reach the podium. "I don't have words to describe this Sunday. I'm very happy with all the results we got in this round, in addition to my victories. Practically, all our trucks were on the podium. We have seven trucks and, effectively, we have a team working to get her for the results”, says the 2018 champion.

Championship after 5 rounds (Top5):

1. Roberval Andrade (15): 143 points

2. Jadson Zini (25): 136

3. Beto Monteiro (88): 134

4. Felipe Giaffone (4): 133

5. André Marques (77): 131


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