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Roberval and Giaffone win the sixth round in Goiânia

Unbeatable. So was Roberval Andrade and team in Goiânia. The team achieved a historic sequence in Copa Truck with four consecutive victories in the same season. Roberval wasn't 100% because Felipe Giaffone won race 2, leaving Roberval in second.

Pic: Rafa Catelan As a result, the ASG Motorsport driver shot to the top of the championship with 181 points to Giaffone's 163, tied with Jaidson Zini for second. “We came with the goal of maintaining the leadership of the championship and averaging ideal points (34) to think about the title. In the end, we did 38 out of a possible 40, starting outside the front row, winning one and being second on the other. I'm very happy and we're going to keep going up", commented the 2018 champion. Race 1 results (Top10):

1. Roberval Andrade (15), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport, 14 laps

2. Raphael Abbate (26), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport, 1s426

3. Danilo Dirani (28), Iveco/Usual Racing, 2s473

4. Adalberto Jardim (5), Mercedes-Benz /J5 EcoSports, 3s791

5. Paulo Salustiano (55), VW/R9 Odapel Racing, 4s850

6. Wellington Cirino (6), Iveco/Usual Racing, 5s251 7. Jaidson Zini (25), Mercedes-Benz/ASG Motorsport, 5s637

8. Felipe Giaffone (4), VW/R9 Competições, 6s080 9. Leandro Totti (73), Volvo/Vannucci Racing, 6s618 10. Luiz Lopes (99), Mercedes-Benz/ASG Motorsport, 7s697

Race 2 results (Top10):

1. Felipe Giaffone (4), VW/G9 Competições, 11 laps

2. Roberval Andrade (15), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport, 4s083

3. Jaidson Zini (25), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport, 7s555

4. Wellington Cirino (6), Iveco/Usual Racing, 8s155 5. Paulo Salustiano (55), VW/R9 Odapel Racing, 9s342

6. Danilo Dirani (28), Iveco/Usual Racing, 9s802

7. Beto Monteiro (88), VW/R9 Competições, 9s935

8. Raphael Abbate (26), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport, 18s135

9. Adalberto Jardim (5), Mercedes-Benz /J5 EcoSports, 22s847

10. Luiz Lopes (99), Mercedes-Benz/ASG Motorsport, 23s324

Pics: Beto Corrêa Championship after 6 rounds (Top5):

1. Roberval Andrade: 181 points 2. Felipe Giaffone: 163

3. Jaidson Zini: 163

4. Raphael Abbate: 159

5. Beto Monteiro: 143


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