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Roberval and Giaffone separated by just 8 points in Copa Truck

The marathon of four races in two days in Copa Truck this weekend in Tarumã (Rio Grande do Sul) defined Roberval Andrade, from Mercedes, and Felipe Giaffone, from Volkswagen, as the only drivers with a chance of winning the 2023 title.

Pic: Duda Bairros

After having achieved two poles, two victories, four podiums and no less than 70 points this season, Giaffone managed to reduce a difference of 19 points to eight (including the mandatory discards of the two worst results). Both he and Roberval triumphed this Sunday at round 8, with Mercedes' rival losing the lead by one point in the interval between the two races.

Roberval Said that "it was a very complicated weekend for us, with set-up problems that lasted almost the entire weekend. If it weren't for the reaction this Sunday, after a very complicated Saturday, the situation could have gotten very complicated. But the important thing is that we are finalists and we will decide in a place where I really like and where I have won the most in my career, which is Interlagos".

After theses races, Giaffone remember the season. "We started a year developing a new project and now we are going to focus on this decision in São Paulo. The truck performed so well without the electric kit that, even though we could use it, we preferred to think about the championship. This gave us a great score and we are going to Interlagos with the objective to put pressure on Roberval. Let's do our best and see what happens in the end", comments Giaffone.

Pics: Pedro Tesch

The Copa Truck’s decision is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of December at the Interlagos Circuit.

Championship (top5):

1. Roberval Andrade (#15): 233 points

2. Felipe Giaffone (#4): 225

3. Raphael Abbate (#26): 192

4. Beto Monteiro (#88): 190

5. Paulo Salustiano (#55): 178


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