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Rafael Suzuki and Pole Motorsport will be together in 2023

The driver arrives at Joselmo Barcik's team in Stock Car Pro Series betting on victories this season

Rafael Suzuki has a new home for the 2023 Stock Car Pro Series. The driver joins Pole Motorsport to increase his carrear. In last years, Suzuki has won two races and three podiums.

“The expectation is having my best year in Stock Car. My goal is being well positioned at the points and having a great year, fighting for more podiums and victories. The results of Pole Motorsport achieved recently and the technical structure they have been developing make me very excited”, declared Suzuki.

Pole team boss Joselmo Barcik, known as Polenta, is confident of good results with Suzuki. “We are going into our third season and having a driver like Rafael will make the team much more stronger. We will continue our human and technological development works to deliver a competitive car and make a great year,” he said.


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