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Rafa Dias reigns in Cascavel

Rafael Dias, driver in PRO class, was the big name of the fourth stage of the Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, disputed this weekend in Cascavel. The driver from São Paulo won Race 1 and 2 in Paraná.

Pics: Luciano Santos

In Race 2, second place was Rodrigo Sperafico, Who made a great recovery test after starting in P20. The third place went to Léo Torres.

In the first race of the day, Arthur Gama was second, while Julio Campos finished third.

“With a lot of dedication, focus and teamwork, we always have a great chance of getting great results. Now, we are going to focus all our work on Goiânia and try to repeat what we did here”, declared Rafael Dias.

Another big name in this race was Rodrigo Sperafico, Who said: “The team worked very well and we managed to do a recovery race”.

In the ProAm class, Rafael Reis repeated his victory in Race 1. In the AM class, Léo Yoshii was superior to others. “It is a challenging track, with few overtaking spots. Even so, it provides a lot of emotion. I'm very happy to win here," he said.

Race1’s results (Top10):

1. Rafa Dias (11), PRO, 15 laps, 26m03s225

2. Arthur Gama (9), PRO, a 0s253

3. Julio Campos / Léo Torres (1), PRO, a 1s546

4. Beto Monteiro / Alex Seid (88),PRO, 2s823

5. Léo Reis / Rafa Reis (32), PROAM, a 3s424

6. Vitor Genz / Edgar Bueno Neto (46), PRO, a 5s393

7. Diogo Moscato (54), PRO, a 6s080

8. João Bortoluzzi / Fe Tozzo (57), PROAM, a 7s499

9. Lourenço Beirão / Giovani Girotto (72), PROAM, a 8s404

10. MC Gui (98), AM, a 9s367

Race 2’s results (Top10):

1. Rafa Dias (11), PRO, 15 laps, 26m22s538

2. Rodrigo Sperafico / Lucas Mendes (27), PRO, a 1s563

3. Léo Torres / Júlio Campos (1), PRO, a 2s272

4. Diogo Moscato (54), PRO, a 3s424

5. Rafa Reis / Léo Reis (32), PROAM, a 10s164

6. Jorge Martelli (87), PROAM, a 10s624

7. Fe Tozzo / João Bortoluzzi (57), PROAM, a 10s821

8. Gui Backes (28), PROAM, a 17s949

9. Léo Yoshii (78), AM, a 24s452

10. Henry Couto (0), AM, a 30s629

Championship after 4 rounds (Top5):

1. Julio Campos /Léo Torres (1), 160 points

2. Vitor Genz (46), 138

3. Beto Monteiro / Alex Seid (88), 136

4. Rafa Dias (11), 130

5. Diogo Moscato (54), 104


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