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Paul Tracy wins in Nascar Brasil Sprint Race

Pics: Luciano Santos Nascar Brasil Sprint Race invited Paul Tracy (#26) to compete only this round, at Mogi Guaçu (Velocitta), São Paulo. In qualy, Gui Backes (#43) got the pole position for race 1. Jorge Martelli (#87) started on the first row.

On the first lap, Léo Torres (#1) took the lead. Still on this lap, the safety car was activated after Celso Neto (#88), Beto Monteiro's teammate, stopped on the track. Paul Tracy, who started fourth, got one position.

At the restart, the Canadian took second place, putting a loto f pressure on Torres for the lead. Rafa Dias (#46), who started 10th, was already in third place with nine minutes to go.

With less than eight minutes, Tracy got the lead hitting Léo Torres and send car #1 into the pits.

The Canadian driver began to set a sequence of fastest laps and got his first victory in Nascar Brasil Sprint Race. Martelli in second took the victory in PROAM. Seid (PRO) was third. Ended in 8th, MC Gui was the winner in AM.

Paul Tracy's last victory was 16 years ago, in Cleveland, in the 2007’s Champ Car season.

Result of race 1 at Velocitta, in Mogi Guaçu (Top10):

1) #26 Paul Tracy, PRO, 12 laps

2) #87 Jorge Martelli, PROAM, a 0s649

3) #3 Alex Seid, PRO, a 1s909

4) #54 Diogo Moscato, PRO, a 8s267

5) #13 Witold Ramasausakas, PROAM, a 9s274

6) #43 Gui Backes / Gabriel Casagrande, PROAM, a 9s602

7) #16 Antonio Junqueira, PROAM, a 13s560

8 #98 MC Gui, AM, a 15s022

9) #24 Dorivaldo Gondra Jr / Brendon Zonta, AM, a 15s598

10) #72 Marco Garcia / Lourenço Beirão, PROAM, a 22s316


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