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New rules for F1 sprint shootout qualifying session

New format will be used for the first time in Azerbaijan

Pic: Formula 1 The changes have been designed to create a Saturday event and it doesn't impact on the grid for the main race, on Sunday. On this way, a mistake will be less harmful for the main race.

This new rules means that the FP2 session no longer exists in theses weekends with sprint races.

The rules were finalised during the April break after some discussions by the Team Sporting directors and the FIA in the Sporting Advisory Committee.

The Saturday sprint shootout will follow the same three-part format as we know as a F1 qualifying:

Q1 with 12 minutes

Q2 with 10 minutes

Q3 with 8 minutes

The points allocation for the sprint remains unchanged with the top 8 scoring: 8 for P1, 7 for P2, 6 for P3, 5 for P4, 4 for P5, 3 for P6, 2 for P7, 1 for P8.

The sprint shootout sets the grid for Saturday afternoon's sprint race.

The first of the six sprint weekends on the 2023 schedule will be in Baku. The others are: Austrian, Belgian, Qatar, USA and São Paulo.


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