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New round in Copa Truck’s 2024 season

The Copa Truck once again will have nine rounds. The Curvelo track will once again host the category and, thus, the 2024 season will have 9 stages.

Pic: Duda Bairros

Curvelo takes the place of the second race in Goiânia, in November. Thus, a new date was opened in December for Goiânia.

With the entry of Curvelo, the 2024 Copa Truck season sees the return of two tracks: Campo Grande, where the championship will open, and Curvelo.

2024 Calendar:

Round 1 - March 17th – Campo Grande

Round 2 - April 14th – Goiânia

Round 3 - May 12th – Londrina

Round 4 - June 16th – Santa Cruz do Sul

Round 5 - August 4th – Interlagos

Round 6 - September 1st – Cascavel

Round 7 - October 13th – Rio Grande do Sul

Round 8 - November 17th – Curvelo

Round 9 - December 8th – Goiânia


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