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New leader in Stock Car Pro Series

Ricardo Mauricio win second race of the weekend and gets to the top of Stock Car Pro Series championship

Pics: Luís França P1 Media Relations

Gabriel Casagrande (A.Mattheis-Vogel Team) e Ricardo Mauricio (Eurofarma RC Team) have a lot of reasons to be happy at Interlagos this Sunday. They won races and jumped to the top of the Stock Car Pro Series’ championship.

The former leader had a bad Lucky: Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC Team) got a puncture on left rear tire on the last lap of race 1. At that moment, he was P10; according to the Stock's rules, this position would put Serra on pole for the race 2. With this incident, he lost positions and ended at 26th position.

The new rear spoilers, used in the opening stage of this season in Goiânia, will undergo updates at the request of the teams. That’s why, at this weekend at Interlagos, as a way of guaranteeing balance among all the drivers, the teams had installed, exceptionally, the same rear wings used until 2022. These wings are 40% smaller than those that were used at the opening of the championship. It meant less downforce on the rear of the cars.

“We got a perfect Sunday under the conditions we had. We collected a lot of points, which is what I wanted, and we're back in the fray. You can say we're going to fight again, like it was in 2021. In fact, that year, the second stage was at Interlagos and we took pole, won the race and took a leap in the championship. So you can say that we are in the same conditions and we are going to continue this pace”, said Casagrande.

“Very happy with this result. The weekend started a bit complicated for our team, but we ended up putting everything together: a little bit of luck, the unbelievable work of the team, and the strategy. It was wonderful, and leading the championship, with another victory in my career, is a very special weekend. But we still have ten more steps to go”, said Ricardo Maurício.

Results of race 1 (top 10)

1. Gabriel Casagrande, 18 laps on 32min31s276

2. Cesar Ramos, a 2s241

3. Guilherme Salas, a 4s447

4. Bruno Baptista, a 5s628

5. Gaetano Di Mauro, a 6s783

6. Enzo Elias, a 7s536

7. Denis Navarro, a 9s067

8. Rubens Barrichello, a 12s492

9. Felipe Fraga, a 15s354

10. Ricardo Maurício, a 18s679

Results of race 2 (top 10)

1. Ricardo Maurício, 17 laps on 32min10s454

2. Rafael Suzuki, a 2s534

3. Gaetano Di Mauro, a 0s034

4. Julio Campos, a 5s509

5. Rubens Barrichello, a 5s531

6. Felipe Baptista, a 7s921

7. Gabriel Casagrande, a 8s158

8. Bruno Baptista, a 10s871

9. Cesar Ramos, a 10s940

10. Felipe Fraga, a 11s155


1. Ricardo Maurício (#90): 69 points

2. Gabriel Casagrande (#83): 65

3. Bruno Baptista (#121): 60

4. Daniel Serra (#29): 53

5. Cesar Ramos (#30): 53


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