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Nelson Piquet Jr in new team in 2024

Nelson Piquet Jr begins his 6th season in the Stock Car Pro Series in a new team. The first Formula E world champion will drive car #33 for Cavaleiro Sports in the 2024 season. The team is based in Guarulhos, São Paulo, and headed by former driver Beto Cavaleiro.

Pic: Bruno Terena

“Coming to Beto Cavaleiro's team was a combination of several factors. He always showed a lot of potential and came with a very good commercial and technical proposal. I am always open to exploring new projects and Beto is always willing to receive new ideas. It won't be an easy year, but I'm sure it will be an interesting year in which we will count on everyone to develop the car. We know that the car changes next year, so we will work to develop the car for the 2024 season and develop the team for the 2025 work in which everyone will receive the new car”, told Nelson.

Piquet Jr has won two victories in the last two years.

The team led by Beto Cavaleiro seeks to renew the structure and Piquet Jr is his first step. The 2024 season will be important to develop the car in the fight for victories and structure the team for the arrival of the new Stock Car in 2025.


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