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Near to the Special Edition’s title

Nascar Brasil Sprint Race held the second race at Velocitta, in Mogi Guaçu, São Paulo, which also defines the 2023 Special Edition champion.

Pic: Luciano Santos

Starting from pole position, Rafa Dias (#46) maintained the lead of the race. Jorge Martinelli (#87), winner of race 1 in the Velocitta, was unable to start. Paul Tracy (#26), who started seventh, was already in fourth.

With 15 minutes to go, Tracy and Lourenço Beirão (#72) touched. Witold Ramasauskas (#13) also hit them. So, safety Car on the track. At that moment, Dias was the leader, with Diogo Moscato(#54) in second and Gabriel Casagrande (#43) in third.

With four minutes to the checkered flag, Dias was pressured by Casagrande. With two laps to go, Gabriel Casagrande took the lead and won the race. Now, he's very near to become champion of the Special Edition in Nascar Brasil Sprint Race. Result of race 2 at Velocitta, in Mogi Guaçu (Top10):

1) #43 Gabriel Casagrande/Gui Backes, PROAM, 10 laps

2) #46 Rafael Dias/ Vitor Genz, PRO, a 1s319

3) #54 Diogo Moscato, PRO, a 2s261

4) #1 Léo Torres, PRO, a 2s943

5) #9 Arthur Gama / Marcus Índio, PROAM, a 4s351

6) #16 Antonio Junqueira, PROAM, a 5s832

7) #27 Lucas Mendes, PRO, a 6s403

8) #3 Alex Seid, PRO, a 6s811

9) #57 João Pedro Bortoluzzi / Fê Tozzo, PROAM, a 6s854

10) #71 Nathan Brito/ Valdeno Brito, PRO, a 7s054


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