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Léo Torres win race 1 in Londrina stage

Léo Torres, from the PRO category, was the fastest in race 1 of third stage of the 2023 season of Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, held in Londrina, Paraná. This Saturday, the driver won overall after an exciting dispute with Jorge Martelli, from PROAM. The podium was completed by PRO's Diego Moscato.

Pics: Luciano Santos / SiGCom

Pole driver, Léo Torres started well maintaining the lead at the start and the first restart after a Safety Car on the second lap. Guilherme Backes and Jorge Martelli provided an intense fight for second place during this race. A new Safety Car, five minutes before the checkered flag, ended up completely changing the pace. Léo and Martelli “exchanged paint” on the second restart and went very close together until Martelli, using the Maxon Boost (a button that adds 40 horsepower for 13 seconds) took the lead two laps to the end. But the situation wasn’t defined. Léo used the overtaking button in the last few meters and regain the lead and the victory. “The Maxon Boost was essential in this victory. Martelli had used it before, but I saved some power. I followed him and asked my coach how much was left and, when I was notified of the last lap, I activated the device on the main straight and surprised him”, told Léo Torres.

Henry Couto, winner in the AM, highlighted the difficulty of the race. "One more victory. And this one was sweaty and suffered. I spent the whole race under pressure from Léo Yoshii and Edson Reis. In the end, I used Boost against them and secured the victory”, concluded the driver. Race 1’s results (Top10): 1. Léo Torres/ Júlio Campos (1), PRO, 15 laps, 26min59s430 2. Jorge Martelli (87), PROAM, a 0s403 3. Diogo Moscato (54), PRO, a 0s635 4. Rodrigo Sperafico / Lucas Mendes (27), PRO, a 1s605 5. Guilherme Backes (28), PROAM, a 1s744 6. Rafa Reis/ Léo Reis (32), PROAM, a 2s380 7. Alex Seid/ Beto Monteiro (88), PRO, a 2s973 8. Edgar Bueno Neto /Vitor Genz (46), PRO, a 3s313 9. João Bortoluzzi /Felipe Tozzo (57), PROAM, a 5s445 10. Henry Couto (0), AM, a 8s346


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