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Léo Torres is 2023 Sprint Race Nascar Brasil Champion

The 2023 Nascar Brasil Sprint Race season ended this Sunday with the final races at the Autódromo Internacional José Carlos Pace, in Interlagos, São Paulo. In this first year racing in partnership with the international motor racing brand, the category defined the first champions.

Pic: Luciano Santos / Sig Com

In Pro, Leo Torres (#1) won the titles of the Brazilian Championship alongside his temamate Julio Campos and Overall – which adds up all the races on the calendar.In the ProAm class, Léo and Rafa Reis (#32) took the Brazilian title and Gui Backes (#28) got the Overall 2023 title. In the Am class, Henry Couto (#00) and Brendon Zonta (#7) won the trophies on the 2023 calendar.

In the last race on Sunday, Julio Campos won followed by Witold Ramasauskas (#13, ProAm) and Arthur Gama (#09, Pro). According to Am, Henry Couto was the winner.

Results of race 1 (Top10):

1) #1 Léo Torres/Julio Campos, PRO, 28min12s282

2) #13 Witold Ramasauskas, PROAM, a 1s023

3) #9 Arthur Gama, PRO, a 1s062

4) #54 Diogo Moscato, PRO, a 2s679

5) #28 Gui Backes, PROAM, a 4s286

6) #20 Lourenço Beirão/ Jeff Giassi, PROAM, a 4s378

7) #88 Alex Seid/ Beto Monteiro, PRO, a 11s450

8) #00 Henry Couto, AM, a 18s975

9) #11 Rafa Dias/Leandro Martins, PROAM, a 19s014

10) #46 Edgar Bueno Neto/ Vitor Genz, PRO, a 19s920

Results of race 2 (Top10):

1) #1 Julio Campos/Léo Torres, PRO, 28min04s166

2) #13 Witold Ramasauskas, PROAM, a 1s846

3) #9 Arthur Gama, PRO, a 2s964

4) #54 Diogo Moscato, PRO, a 10s159

5) #20 Jeff Giassi/ Lourenço Beirão, PROAM, a 18s225

6) #28 Gui Backes, PROAM, a 20s789

7) #87 Jorge Martelli, PROAM, a 21s214

8) #46 Vitor Genz/ Edgar Bueno Neto, PRO, a 27s054

9) #4 Cayan Chianca, PROAM, a 27s113

10) #00 Henry Couto, AM, a 27s532

Pic: Luciano Santos / Sig Com

Pro championship:

1) #1 Julio Campos / Léo Torres, 280 points 2) #88 Beto Monteiro/Alex Seid, 200

3) #9 Arthur Gama, 192

4) #46 Vitor Genz, 192

5) #54 Diogo Moscato, 170


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