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Kiko Porto wins first race of Special Edition in Goiânia

It was amazing! Kiko Porto won in the inaugural race of the Special Edition round of the Nascar Brasil Sprint Race on the outer ring of Ayrton Senna International Autodrome, in Goiânia. He was just three hundredths of a second ahead from vice-leader Léo Torres. For the PROAM class, Arthur Gama took the cup. On AM, MC Gui won his first trophy.

“I am quite surprised by my victory. My expectation was that with my experience I could save some positions on the grid, but I didn't imagine being the first one. I want to thank the mechanics for helping me and the entire Nascar Brasil organization for the opportunity”, reports the winner, who shares car #88 with Beto Monteiro.

Pic: Luciano Santos

Race 1 results (Top10):

1. Kiko Porto/ Beto Monteiro (88), PRO, 16 laps

2. Léo Torres (1), PRO, 0s003

3. Lucas Mendes (27), PRO, 0s135

4. Diogo Moscato (54), PRO, 0s490

5. Arthur Gama/ Celio Vinicius (9), PROAM, 1s066

6. MC Gui (98), AM, 1s340

7. Alex Seid (3), PRO, 1s420

8. Witold Ramasauskas (13), PRO, 1s557

9. Gui Backes/ Gabriel Casagrande (43), PROAM, 1s562

10. Lourenço Beirão/Giovani Girotto (72), PROAM, 2s145


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