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Julio Campos will be a Pole Motorsport driver

The youngest team in the Stock Car Pro Series agreed with one of the most experienced drivers on the grid: Julio Campos and the Chevrolet Cruze #4 leave TMG Team and take Rafael Suzuki's place. The driver of the car #8 took the opposite route, leaving Pole Team and settling with TMG, as was published here in Curva da Vitória.

Joselmo Barcik, known as Polenta, will work for the first time with Julio, who has been in the Stock Car Pro Series since 2010. In these seasons, Campos has accumulated five victories. Pole Motorsport, which has competed in Stock since 2021, competed for the 2023 title with Rafael Suzuki. The 2024 Stock season starts on March 3rd, in Goiânia.


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