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Júlio Campos shines in the Night Challenge

After Léo Torres’ victory in race 1, held this Saturday afternoon in Londrina, Paraná, Julio Campos, Who is Léo’s teammate won the real challenge at night. He guarantee a perfect weekend for the duo from the PRO category. He completed the 18 laps on 27min16sec329, followed by Vitor Genz, while Léo Reis, from PROAM, tooking third place.

Pics: Luciano Santos / SiGCom The Night Challenge is undoubtedly one of the most charming attractions on the Nascar Brasil Sprint Race championship calendar. The stage always provides a spectacle for drivers’ ability. With no Maxon Boost, that is prohibited for this night race, makes the challenge even more attractive. In an intense fight, Vitor Genz, who started first, maintained his position until the fifth lap, after failing to resist pressure from Júlio Campos. After that, Campos took advantage of the excellent performance of the car. He continued in front until he crossed the finish line and added another victory in his career, the fourth of the duo this season.

“Each lap got darker and harder. I think racing at night is cool, with little visibility. But racing, in any condition, is always good”, added Julio. Henry Couto, from the AM division, had a lot to celebrate on Saturday. After all, he was the only one to win both races and the duel with the experienced Léo Yoshii. “What a challenge! I didn't know it was so hard to race at night. Even more so here in Londrina, with so many curves. A lot of adrenaline, very tired, but very happy, ”he said.

Race 2’s results (Top10): 1. Júlio Campos/ Léo Torres (1), PRO, 18 laps, 27min16s329 2. Vitor Genz / Edgar Bueno Neto (46), PRO, a 1s802 3. Léo Reis /Rafa Reis (32), PROAM, a 2s244 4. Beto Monteiro /Alex Seid (88), PRO, a 12s692 5. Jorge Martelli (87), PROAM, a 17s556 6. Gui Backes (28), PROAM, a 18s541 7. Lucas Mendes /Rodrigo Sperafico (27), PRO, a 20s335 8. Diogo Moscato (54), PRO, a 23s906 9. Cayan Chianca /Pedro Bürger (4), PROAM, a 25s897 10. Henry Couto (0), AM, a 38s352

Championship after 3 rounds (Top5):

1. Julio Campos /Léo Torres, 108 points

2. Beto Monteiro/Alex Seid, 98

3. Vitor Genz, 89

4. Diogo Moscato, 72

5. Rodrigo Sperafico / Lucas Mendes, 66


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