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Italian starving

Pic: Getty Images Ferrari tries to rebuild himself in the Formula 1’s 2023 season. After five rounds, the Italian team is on fourth place in the world championchip with 78 points, 18 to Mercedes, which is third, and 146 to leader Red Bull.

If it won’t happen a major championship turnaround, Ferrari won’t get the constructors' title this year. If this really happens, the team will match the worst mark in his history: Ferrari spent 15 seasons – from 1984 to 1998 – without winning the constructor world’s championship.

From Patrick Tambay and René Arnoux, in 1984, to teammates Eddie Irvine (16), Michael Schumacher (10 GPs) and Mika Salo (6) in 1999, Ferrari has gone 15 years without finishing a season on the top. In this period, the best result was the runner-up, conquered seven times.

Ferrari's last constructors' title was in 2008, when the team finished second in the drivers' world championship with Felipe Massa. If Ferrari doesn't win the 2023 world championship, they will start 2024 with uncomfortable weight of 15 years without a constructors' title. A huge number for one of the biggest teams of Formula 1.


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