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Fair recognition to an idol

The vice-president of Brazil, Geraldo Alckmin, sanctioned a law that makes three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna a Brazilian sport's patron

Pic: Ayrton Senna's Institute

Almost 30 years after his death, Senna remains one of the most revered athletes in Brazil. The Brazilian driver is considered one of the greatest in the motorsport’s history, with three Formula 1 world titles and a legacy that is seen on the tracks up to this days. Senna competed in F1 between 1984 and 1994, with 65 pole positions, 80 podiums and 41 victories.

Senna died on May 1st, 1994, after an accident during the San Marino GP, in Imola. His death caused a great commotion across the country.

Since then, his family, led by his sister Viviane Senna, has been taking care of the driver’s legacy through the Ayrton Senna Institute.

With this law sanctioned, Senna joins the hall of patrons of the country such as Tiradentes (Brazilian nation), Machado de Assis (letters), Carlos Gomes (music), Aleijadinho (architecture), Getúlio Vargas (workers), Tancredo Neves (redemocratization), Oscar Niemeyer (architecture), Dom Helder Câmara (human rights), Santos Dumont (Brazilian nation), Paulo Autran (art), Paulo Freire (education), Chico Mendes (environment) and some more.


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