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Very good business

Half of Formula 1's profits are distributed to the teams. Before Liberty arrived, the amount was smaller. It's like this: the champion of constructor’s championship wins more and the worst placed wins less. The value decreases depending on the position in the constructors' championship. In addition, there are rights to be conquered. The third-placed team in this championship, which was Ferrari, has more time in the wind tunnel than runner-up Mercedes.

Pic: Formula 1

But before the payments are made, there is bonus payment. Ferrari, for example, earns an extra US$ 50 million per year due to the fact that it is the oldest team on the grid. There are also other bonuses, such as prizes for teams that placed well in recent years and etc.

Going foward on bonuses, the amount that remains to be distributed is around US$ 1 billion.

The new version of the Concorde Pact, the contract that governs commercial relations in Formula 1, stipulates that the champion keeps 14% of the amount; the old deal was 20%.

In addition to any bonuses, Red Bull will pocket US$ 140 million. Mercedes gets US$ 130 million. Ferrari, with US$ 122 million, 9 million dollars more than McLaren.

Turning on the calculator, comes to the conclusion that each point won by Red Bull during this season was worth US$ 163.000,00.

Another interesting fact is the top budget, which is currently US$ 135 million. In other words, in case of the major F1 teams, the award covers the entire operation and the registration fee for the F1 World Championship. And it still makes a profit.

It's a great deal. Maybe that's why everyone is against Andretti's entry into F1.


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