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Giaffone and Abbate win round 7 in Copa Truck

The seventh round of Copa Truck was held in Tarumã, Rio Grande do Sul. Felipe Giaffone won race 1 from start to finish, monitoring the advantage over Beto Monteiro, who came under enormous pressure from André Marques in the final laps. The championship leader, Roberval Andrade, came fourth and, after two races on Saturday (14/10), had the gap to Giaffone in the standings drop from 18 to just six points.

Pics: Duda Bairros

“I got two pole positions and this shows that the truck is very competitive. This is a very difficult track to overtake. As I have to score points for the championship, I preferred not to risk it in race 2. Let's see if tomorrow (Sunday) we can take another step, then it will be really good!", says Giaffone.

In the second race, Raphael Abbate started at the front because he came in eighth place in the previous race. The Mercedes-Benz Challenge and HB20 Cup champion hold off three great drivers: Wellington Cirino, Paulo Salustiano and Beto Monteiro.

Starting eighth, Felipe Giaffone finished sixth and saw Roberval Andrade finish in 12th place.

Now, Roberval has 201 points and Giaffone has 195. Abbate is third with 189. There is a possibility that the lead will change before the grand final. The finalists will be defined in the eighth stage, which will be race this Sunday (10/15).


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