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Giaffone analyzes Prometeon, new tire supplier for Copa Truck

Copa Truck’s current champion, Felipe Giaffone liked Prometeon's return to the category. With these compounds, Felipe won his first title in Copa Truck, in 2017.

Pic: Vanderley Soares / RF1

Regarding this return, Giaffone recalled that the tires will continue to be practically the same as those used by truck drivers on Brazilian roads. “Being able to count on a brand that specializes in the subject only makes Copa Truck bigger”, said the driver who, in addition to his two-time Copa Truck championship, has four other titles in Formula Truck.

Felipe also recalled that he will continue developing the hybrid truck, which took to the track last year and got a victory. “I'm very excited about the season that's about to start. I want to continue developing the hybrid truck and, at the same time, seek the tri in the Truck Cup,” he said.

The 2024 Copa Truck season starts on March 17, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.


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