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Four more wins

Pics: Duda Bairros Jaidson Zini is the only driver that got two victories this season. He and Beto Monteiro win on Pro class; Felipe Tozzo and Evandro Camargo won Super class.

Bia Figueiredo, that got the pole position – she’s the first woman getting pole in Copa Truck – had a bad Lucky. She got problems before the start and didn’t compete at Interlagos.

“The victory is important for the championship score. But the problem has been the 2 races. People go crazy: there are two drivers there that the CBA (Motorsports Brazilian Confederation) needs to see the situation and start punishing, because it's a lot of unnecessary beating. Again, important for the points. I'm very happy to win again at Interlagos, to score well and we'll go to the next one”, said Monteiro without naming drivers. Beto is vice-leader two points behind Jaidson Zini.

Race 1’s results (Top10)

1. Beto Monteiro (88), VW/R9 Competições

2. Felipe Giaffone (4), VW/R9 Competições

3. Paulo Salustiano (55), VW/R9 Odapel Racing

4. Raphael Abbate (26), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport

5. Adalberto Jardim (5), Mercedes-Benz /J5 EcoSports

6. Jaidson Zini (25), Mercedes-Benz/ASG Motorsport

7. André Marques (77), VW/R9 Competições

8. Débora Rodrigues (7), VW/R9 Competições

9. Felipe Tozzo (57), Iveco/Dakar Motorsport

10. Victor Franzoni (23), Mercedes-Benz/Tiger Team

Race 2’s results (Top10)

1. Jaidson Zini (25), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport

2. Roberval Andrade (15), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport

3. André Marques (77), VW/R9 Competições

4. Débora Rodrigues (7), WV/R9 Competições

5. Raphael Abbate (26), Mercedes-Benz /ASG Motorsport

6. Danilo Dirani (28), Iveco/Usual Racing

7. Beto Monteiro (88), VW/R9 Competições

8. Felipe Giaffone (4), VW/G9 Competições

9. Danilo Alamini (0), VW/R9 Competições

10. Adalberto Jardim (5), Mercedes-Benz /J5 EcoSports

Championship after 2 rounds (Top5):

1. Jaidson Zini: 65 points

2. Beto Monteiro: 63

3. Felipe Giaffone: 55

4. André Marques: 54

5. Débora Rodrigues: 50


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