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Former F1 driver, Ricardo Zonta wins race 1 in Velocitta

The sixth round of Stock Car Pro Series was running at Velocitta Circuit, in São Paulo, this Sunday.

Pic: José Mario Dias On the first race, Ricardo Zonta started on pole and lead all the laps. The former Formula 1 driver had a perfect drive at Velocitta Circuit. Zonta, Who drove for Jordan, BAR and Toyota in Formula 1, won his first race this season. Gianluca Petecof had a great drive. The young driver overtook Sergio Jimenez on the Windows of pit stops. Then, he and started to laped faster. Petecof put a lot of pressure, but Zonta held him for his victory, second on the row – he won on last round, in Interlagos. “I really like this track, where we have great results in the past. It's good to know that whenever we arrive our car is usually fast, so much so that today we won for the third time in three years”, said Zonta. Argentinan driver, Matías Rossi ended this race on tenth position after overtook the 2016 Stock Champion, Felipe Fraga, on the last lap; because of that, Rossi started the second race on pole.

Pic: Luís França / P1 Media Relations Rossi started and managed to keep the lead with the Safety Car’s intervention after several incidents involving more than ten cars on the first lap. Winner of the first race, Ricardo Zonta was one of those involved and forced to abandon the first accident, at turn 4; the second, at turn 8, a collision between Gaetano di Mauro and Ricardo Maurício, Stock’s triple Champion, triggered a chain reaction that took eight more cars off the track. When the Safety Car was out, Rossi keep the lead and won for the second time on the row – he won in Cascavel, last round. The championship continues led by Thiago Camilo, who has 164 points. Now, he has just one point ahead of Daniel Serra and three over Gabriel Casagrande. Results of race 1 (top 10):

1. Ricardo Zonta (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #10)

2. Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #101)

3. Sergio Jimenez (Scuderia Chiarelli/Chevrolet Cruze #73) 4. Allam Khodair (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #18) 5. Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #111)

6. Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #8) 7. Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #29)

8. Guilherme Salas (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #85) 9. Nelson Piquet Jr. (Crown Racing/Toyota Corolla #33)

10. Matías Rossi (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #117)

Pic: Duda Bairros Results of race 2 (top 10):

1. Matías Rossi (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #117)

2. Gabriel Casagrande (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #83) 3. Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #29)

4. Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #8) 5. Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #101)

6. Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #111)

7. Felipe Baptista (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #121) 8. Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #16)

9. Gaetano Di Mauro (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze #11) 10. Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #88) Championship:

1. Thiago Camilo (#16): 164 points

2. Daniel Serra (#29): 163

3. Gabriel Casagrande (#83): 161

4. Rubens Barrichello (#111): 140 5. Ricardo Zonta (#10): 136

Pic: Carsten Host / Hyset


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