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Diogo Moscato wins race 3 of Special Edition in Goiânia

Pic: Luciano Santos The fifth round of Nascar Brasil Sprint Race had a lot of emotion. The balance of the cars in the category stood out and what really came into play was the cunning and skill of the drivers. Diogo Moscato, who had constant results over the weekend, started from pole and nobody got close. He was the first to cross the finish line. Antonio Junqueira, who was well behind by a tenth of a second, also won in the PROAM class. Alexandre Kauê, eighth overall, rose for the first time on the highest podium of the AM division. Diego Moscato's race strategy was pushed and that's why his victory was quite celebrated. “In qualifying, we had some items that we knew were easy to fix. But we were also aware of the fast car we have in our hands and we spent the weekend working and racing strategically and, in the end, we got the victory”, said Moscato, who is now the leader in the PRO class. Race 3 results (Top10):

1) Diogo Moscato (54), PRO, 18 laps

2) Antonio Junqueira (16), PROAM, 0s134

3) Rafa Dias/ Vitor Genz (46), PRO, 0s934 4) Lucas Mendes (27), PRO, 1s391 5) João Bortoluzzi/ Fê Tozzo (57), PROAM, 3s806

6) Witold Ramasauskas (13), PRO, 4s278

7) Alexandre Kauê/ Fabio Gubert (8), AM, 4s368 8) Arthur Gama/ Celio Vinicius (9), PROAM, 5s006

9) Giovani Giroto/ Lourenço Beirão (72), PROAM, 8s130 10) Pedro Bezerra (77), AM, 12s611 Championship after 5 rounds (Top5):

1) Diogo Moscato: 67 points

2) Lucas Mendes: 61

3) Léo Torres: 61

4) Vitor Genz/ Rafa Dias: 52

5) Alex Seid: 45


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