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Danilo Dirani moves to a factory team in Copa Truck

Driver agrees with Iveco Usual Racing for the 2023 season

With nine wins and 19 podiums, Danilo Dirani joins the current runner-up-champion team of Copa Truck with one goal: to compete for the title.

The 39-year-old driver was South-American Formula 3 champion in 2003, third in European Formula 3 in 2004, runner-up South-American in Formula Truck in 2011 and third in Copa Truck in 2020. With this curriculum that Dirani dreams on fighting for the 2023 title.

“I'm excited to work, I know the people on the team and I've already seen them working in other opportunities. I haven't driven around a factory team in a while, since Ford's old time with Djalma Fogaça. We’re going to do our best”, said Dirani.


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