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Copa Truck’s new format in 2023

Hybrid engine is the breaking news in this season

Pic: Vanderley Soares

The Copa Truck and the CBA (Motorsports Brazilian Confederation) have defined a new format for disputes this season.

The main news is the definition between the two Truck’s classes. The most important category is now called Pro. The other kept the same name: Super. However, the two compete separately during the sessions. Each class will have 35 minutes in each session, always with Super before Pro. In the qualy, they will have 15 minutes for Q1 and 10 for the Top Qualifying, always with Pro after Super. If the track is wet, or the weather is rainning, the two classes will have just 15 minutes to define the grid.

In the race, the two classes start 80 meters apart, with the Pro ahead. At the end of race 1, each class will have the reverse of the top eight for the second race’s grid.

"We've been working on an ideal format for a few years now and we believe we've come up with a good formula that values for both classes and also helps the stewards a lot in their analyses, such as early-start control and driver safety at the start of the races, for example", said Carlos Col, promoter of Mais Brasil Esportes, the event’s organizer.

Another important change is that the Super champion and runner-up will automatically move up to the Pro grid the following year.

In the technical part, the entry of the electric hybrid project - the first of three energy transition already presented -, as it has very different configurations from the combustion truck, requires special attention. In the Volkswagen truck, a battery is attached that provides extra propulsion.

"We are supporters of projects aimed at sustainability. We have already received three projects and this was the first to leave the drawing board. However, he will only be authorized to use this electric propulsion in free training in order to develop the project, being prohibited from qualifying and compete until we identify the advantages that this can generate for it over other trucks. It is a challenge to control costs and balance performance among all trucks, but an important seed that is being planted and will certainly bear fruit in the future" , complete Col.

The 2023 grid:

0 - Danilo Alamini – R9 Competições Team/Volkswagen

1 - Wellington Cirino – Usual Racing Team/Iveco

3 - Bia Figueiredo – ASG Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

4 - Felipe Giaffone – R9 Competições Team/Volkswagen

5 - Adalberto Jardim – AJ5 Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

7 - Débora Rodrigues – R9 Competições Team/Volkswagen

15 - Roberval Andrade – ASG Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

17 - Thiago Rizzo – R9 Competições Team/Volkswagen

20 - Raphael Abbate – ASG Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

21 - Djalma Pivetta – Usual Racing Team/Iveco

22 - Caio Castro – ASG Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

23 - Victor Franzoni – Tiger Team/Mercedes-Benz

25 - Jaidson Zini – ASG Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

27 - Fábio Fogaça – Fábio Fogaça Motosport Team/Mercedes-Benz

28 - Danilo Dirani – Usual Racing Team/Iveco

29 - PP Fernandes – PP Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

33 - Rodrigo Taborda – Vannucci Racing Team/Volvo

43 - Glauco Barros – Tiger Team/Mercedes-Benz (não corre em Goiânia)

45 - Daniel Kelemen – ASG Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

55 - Paulo Salustiano – Odapel Racing Team/Volkswagen

69 - Evandro Camargo – Tiger Team/Mercedes-Benz

70 - Kleber Eletric – Scania Team/Eletric Racing

71 - Pê Jota – PJ Team /Mercedes-Benz

72 - Djalma Fogaça – Fabio Fogaça Motosport Team/Mercedes-Benz

73 - Leandro Totti – Vannucci Racing Team/Volvo

77 - André Marques – R9 Competições Team/Volkswagen

81 - Jô Dias – Odapel Racing Team/Volkswagen

88 - Beto Monteiro – R9 Competições Team/Volkswagen

99 - Luiz Lopes – ASG Motorsport Team/Mercedes-Benz

110 - Felipe Lapenna – Tiger Team/Mercedes-Benz


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