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Copa Truck: Felipe Giaffone is the 2023 champion

The last round of the 2023 Copa Truck season, held in Interlagos, São Paulo, was very exciting. Two pilots: Giaffone and Roberval; and a dream: the championship title.

Pic: Duda Bairros Felipe Giaffone (Volkswagen #4) directly faced his rival, Roberval Andrade (Mercedes #15), in both races. In first race, right at the start, Roberval tried to pass between Felipe and the wall. The crash was not good for both.

Pic: Vanderley Soares

But, at the end of race 1, Giaffone won and Roberval was eighth, ensuring the pole for the second race. Giaffone would start in eighth on the grid because of the inverted grid rule. In race 2, the math for the title was very simple: whoever finished in front would be the champion. Roberval maintained the lead at the start. During the race, Giaffone overtook others trucks, as did his teammate, Beto Monteiro (Volkswagen #88).

With three laps remaining, Beto passed Roberval. On the next lap, on the Senna's "S", Felipe shared the corner with Roberval, who cut the corner and maintained second position. Roberval took the checkered flag behind Beto Monteiro and ahead of Felipe.

With this result on the track, he would be the champion. But the stewards, almost two hours after the end of the race, announced a five-second penalty for Roberval and he dropped to fifth place.

With this penalty for Roberval, Felipe Giaffone won the Copa Truck title with a seven-point advantage over him.

Giaffone, which won the first title in the history of the Copa Truck, in 2017, reaches its second championship in this category. The driver already has four other titles (2007/09/11/16) in the other truck category, called Formula Truck.

After the 2023 Copa Truck title, Felipe thanked his team and teammates on the track. "Without them, I wouldn't have been champion. Without them, it would have been very difficult. And being champion with an innovative electric hybrid truck project in the same year that my two children were just made this achievement even more special", commented Felipe.

Pic: Duda Bairros

The Giaffone family ends the 2023 season with titles. In addition to Felipe, his son Nic was USF Juniors champion in his first season in US Motorsport and his other son Tito was champion of the Copa São Paulo de Kart Granja Viana in the Rotax Max class.

"In 2010, the same situation happened and I took the title. This year, it was his turn. We don't always win, but I'm going to use this to improve and come back even stronger", adds Roberval.

In the Super class, the title went to Thiago Rizzo (#17), who closed the gap he had in relation to Felipe Tozzo (#57), who didn't score a point on the weekend at Interlagos. Evandro Camargo (#69) was runner-up, 16 points behind Rizzo. Bia Figueiredo (#111) finished the season with the same score as Camargo, but came in third for having fewer wins.

Pic: Vanderley Soares

Copa Truck Pro Championship:

1. Felipe Giaffone (#4): 263 points

2. Roberval Andrade (#15): 256

3. Beto Monteiro (#88): 226

4. Raphael Abbate (#26): 211

5. Paulo Salustiano (#55): 209


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