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Cascavel track will define who can be champion in 2023

Pic: Duda Bairros This weekend, the Cascavel track hosts the 11th round of the Stock Car Pro Series. After these races, the candidates for the 2023 title will be defined. But, this season's champion will be known only on December 17th, in Interlagos, São Paulo.

Some drivers are competing for their first title, as Thiago Camilo, runner-up in 2009, 2013, 2017 and 2019, Ricardo Zonta (former F1 driver), Rafael Suzuki and Gianluca Petecof. Others are dreaming to repete theis titles, as Daniel Serra (2017, 2018 and 2019), Rubens Barrichello (2014 and 2022), Gabriel Casagrande (2021) and Felipe Fraga (2016).

Mathematically, Gabriel Casagrande is the only one with the possibility of guaranteeing the title in Cascavel. However, the driver would have to rely on an unlikely combination of results from several rivals and open a 57-point lead over second place at the end of this round – each weekend gives a maximum of 56 points. Casagrande is the leader with 279 points, 31 more than Felipe Fraga.

The candidates for the title will be known after the end of this 11th round, when the four worst results of each driver will be discarded. So, the definitive score of the candidates for the 2023 title will be known.


1. Gabriel Casagrande (#83): 279 points

2. Felipe Fraga (#88): 248

3. Thiago Camilo (#16): 244

4. Rubens Barrichello (#111): 237

5. Daniel Serra (#29): 231

6. Rafael Suzuki (#8): 221

7. Ricardo Zonta (#10): 205

8. Gianluca Petecof (#101): 204

9. Ricardo Maurício (#90): 190

10. Guilherme Salas (#85): 184


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