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Casagrande praises new racing format in 2024

Current champion of Stock Car Pro Series, Gabriel Casagrande liked the changes announced for the sporting regulations for 2024 Stock’s season. A.Mattheis-Vogel Team driver praised most of the changes to the qualifying and racing format. Starting this year, Stock will have a 30-minute sprint race on Saturday and a 50-minute long race on Sunday.

Pic: Rodrigo Guimarães / RF1

“I liked several changes: race time, new format and the changes in qualifying. Win will reward the driver with the best performance. Before this, win on race 2 often went to those who discarded race 1. Qualifying now brings more possibilities of moving from one step to another”, says Casagrande.

But not everything pleased the two-time champion: Gabriel didn't like the continuation of the ballast of success, which punishes the six best placed in the championship with extra weight for the round ahead. “The continuation of the ballast of success is an artificial way of balancing Stock Car. It's a shame they kept it. Anyway, we're used to it. We managed to win the title even with this rule and we will do our best to always have the biggest ballast”, adds Casagrande, who was champion in 2021 and 2023 with the A.Mattheis-Vogel car.

The 2024 Stock Car season will start on March 2nd and 3rd at the Autódromo Ayrton Senna, in Goiânia.

The main news of the Stock Car Pro Series in 2024:

- 12 weekends in double round. Total of 24 races in the year.

- Sprint race on Saturday with 30 minutes. At the pit stop, at least one tire must be changed.

- Main Race on Sunday with 50 minutes. At the pit stop, at least two tires must be changed.

- Classification for grid formation:

Q1: 2 groups of 16 cars

Q2: 1 group of 20 cars

Q3: 1 group of 8 cars

- The Sprint grid will be formed by inverting the top 12 in the qualifying.

- The main grid will have the original formation.

- Fan Push will have more activations per run, but in shorter periods of extra power.

- Discarding will continue in 2024, but only two worst results will be taken into account; in 2023, there were four.


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