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Casagrande and Genz are champions in Special Edition

Three titles are define at Velocitta in Nascar Brasil Sprint Race

Pics: Luciano Santos Starting from pole position, Gabriel Casagrande (#43) rounded the first corner first, followed by Alex Seid (#3) and Diogo Moscato (#54).

In the first laps, the safety car was activated after a crash between João Bortoluzzi and Pedro Bezerra. In this mess, Paul Tracy was left without a hood. The Canadian went to the pits to continue in the race, even though he had no chance of winning.

In the final laps, Vitor Genz (#46) passed Seid and secured second place. At the front, Casagrande won another one. PROAM title for the driver who forms a pair with Gui Backes.

“It was a difficult race. We didn1t had the fastest car and there were other 3 or 4 faster drivers behind us. But we took advantage of the pole and we were able to have a good pace and maintain it until the end to win the title”, reports Casagrande.

Second place guaranteed the PRO title for Vitor Genz, who competes in partnership with Rafael Dias.

“I really wanted to go back to the category. And we're back in style. We tried hard, from the first race in Goiânia, and we managed to win this title. I am very happy and honored by the invitation from Gui and the entire team to compete in this Special Edition. I hope we can do more races. I'm ready. I just need an invitation to come back”, declared Genz.

In AM, the Special Edition trophy went to MC Gui (#98).

Result of race 3 at Velocitta, in Mogi Guaçu (Top10):

1) #43 Gabriel Casagrande/Gui Backes, PROAM, 14 laps

2) #46 Vitor Genz / Rafa Dias, PRO, a 1s198

3) #3 Alex Seid, PRO, a 1s810

4) #71 Valdeno Brito / Nathan Brito, PRO, a 12s669

5) #16 Antonio Junqueira, PROAM, a 15s088

6) #1 Léo Torres, PRO, a 16s400

7) #88 Beto Monteiro /Celso Neto, PRO, a 17s018

8) #13 Witold Ramasausakas, PROAM, a 17s773

9) #72 Lourenço Beirão/ Marco Garcia, PROAM, a 18s548

10) #9 Arthur Gama / Marcus Índio, PROAM, a 25s278

PRO Championship after 2 rounds (top5):

1) #46 Vitor Genz / Rafa Dias, 119 pontos

2) #54 Diogo Moscato, 111

3) #1 Léo Torres, 110

4) #3 Alex Seid, 103

5) #27 Lucas Mendes, 87

PROAM Championship after 2 rounds (top5):

1) #43 Gabriel Casagrande / Gui Backes, 117 pontos

2) #16 Antonio Junqueira, 106

3) #13 Witold Ramasauskas, 106

4) #9 Arthur Gama, 80

5) #72 Lourenço Beirão, 79

AM Championship after 2 rounds (top5):

1) #98 MC Gui, 101 pontos

2) #12 Edson Reis, 95

3) #7 Brendon Zonta / Dorivaldo Gondra Jr, 90

4) #8 Fabio Gubert, 76

5) #78 Léo Yoshii, 63


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